Saturday, December 14, 2013

1 year anniversary

Today will mark 1 year ago a man changed the town of Newtown, CT forever.

I will be doing a photo memorial for each victim so please check after the jump.
If you would like, you can use this picture as an icon on facebook, twitter, anywhere for your icon to show Newtown you are thinking of them and not forgetting about the precious lives lost. I had my blog name on it originally, so I went back and whited that out so it was able to be used by anyone for the anniversary.

And now for the pictures of each lost in the order lost that morning after the jump

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Update on the Andrea Sneiderman Case

Andrea Sneiderman is due back in court on Thursday for a hearing regarding obtaining bond during her appeal process. However, just breaking thanks to WSB news in Atlanta, the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Rusty Sneiderman's brother to ensure that the 2 million dollar life insurance would be protected for the kids has been settled. The judge signed a consent order this afternoon releasing the freeze on the 2 million life insurance, in light of a confidential settlement. All terms of the settlement will be kept confidential.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Serial Killer Joseph Franklin Executed

After several delays, Joseph Paul Franklin was executed for the 1977 murder of  Gerald Gordon outside a Synagogue in St. Louis. He was blamed for the deaths of 22 people b/w 1977 and 1980 in an attempt to start a race war..  He is also responsible for the attempted assassinations  Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt in 1978 and civil rights leader Vernon Jordan in 1980.

Flynt actually tried for clemency for Franklin but found out today, he doesn't have pull everywhere. Franklin was never arrested or charged in the shooting that ultimately left Flynt paralyzed and in a wheelchair for life. I actually don't have much to write on this case because there is a much better report done on it by Beth Karas of

You can find that interview here.  She humanized him so well with this interview and I think it was because she had interviewed him so long ago immediately after the trial. This is an interview you MUST go listen to. I came out with a different perspective on someone that was a self proclaimed white supremacist etc.  I only wish they had done more.  This interview was done 8 days ago.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dr. Martin MacNeill's Trial

This case was so strange for so many reasons! Every time I thought I had heard it all, something new would come out with a bang!

For those that don't know the case, Dr. Martin MacNeill was accused of killing his wife after she had a face lift and the motive was his apparent mistress Jillian/Gypsy Willis. His wife Michele, had been found dead in her bathtub by her then 6 year old daughter Ava.

That on its own was horrific and I believe that like Jayson Young planned for his sister in law sent her to find her pregnant sister dead, Martin set it up so that 6 year old Ava would be the one to find her mommy dead in the bathtub.

What a lot of people didn't make a big deal of during the trial was that Gypsy wasn't the only one that Martin had an affair with #1, and #2 Michele KNEW about  Gypsy and confronted Martin about her.  That is why I believe she got killed. Doesn't matter how, the motive is a big part of it. Most cases you hear of, the spouse doesn't know about the other woman etc. She probably asked for a divorce during that confrontation so that's why he pushed for the face lift surgery etc.            

 More after the jump about touchier parts of the story

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Michael Skakel Gets New Trial

Everyone and their mom have been up in arms at him getting awarded a new trial.  They say it's because he's a "Kennedy".  I thought it was unusual when I first heard why he had been awarded the new trial on why he had gotten it. Nancy Grace on the other hand acted like she took it personally because it was such a slap in the face against a good buddy of hers Mickey Sherman the original defense attorney.  It was like he was a god who could do no wrong. (like Cher in "Mermaids") SNAP OUTTA IT! Everyone slips up once in a while. Every good lawyer messes up a case or two. This just got noticed more because of the high profile client.

I find it very interesting that the new defense  lawyers are asking why they never really looked into the brother Tommy who was not ONLY the last one to be seen with her, but they had been seen kissing and falling together behind the fence by the pool in the Skakel backyard at around 9:30. Why would Michael be trying to throw his own brother under the bus now? Were I a family member, I wouldn't stand for it, unless it were true...

Is there a way to go back and look for touch DNA with the technology we have these days? Everyone is so insistent Michael is innocent, but no one is saying anything about Tommy. Maybe, for the last 10 years, Michael has served Tommy's time in jail, and if so, that's just sad for his kid. Interesting little tidbit btw, Tommy's daddy forbade access to Tommy's academic and medical records so the police just moved on? Sounds a bit sketchy to me.

What about the tutor that had started with the Skakel's only hours before the murder, Kenneth Littleton? I don't think there is anything to him though. They just basically ruled him out since he'd only been with the family a few hours. This was not all botched by Mickey Sherman though NG, so you can calm down... someone turn her mic off please.

Seems to me, there was a lot of errors with the police investigation, the crime scene was probably contaminated, and being that the supposed suspects were "Kennedy's" I doubt you'll ever figure out for sure what happened.  Especially with the father refusing access to medical and academic records... umm subpoena?  Seems to me the investigators let a lot slip because of who the suspects were.

It wouldn't surprise me if they let him out of jail on bond because Michael Peterson (known as the staircase murders.. the author, etc. convicted of killing his wife and it is assumed he killed the family friend in Europe the same way) got granted a new trial thanks to the inept state bureau of investigation here in NC.  Someone got caught being fraudulent so any cases he worked on any evidence he worked on in those cases are null and void. Yup, he did ALL the evidence that convicts Peterson so he'll probably walk free for 2 murders unless Europe goes after him. Anyway, he's been out on house arrest for several years waiting his new trial. Never say never! It can happen!

So, what do you guys think? Did you see the 48 hours special?  Did it get you thinking at all? I'm not saying Mickey Sherman didn't gab with the media too much and give the gallery too much attention, but that doesn't affect how he is as a lawyer.  Mickey Sherman is a fabulous lawyer that has done many a case over the years to prove that. This is a huge travesty what they are doing to his reputation.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jackie Peterson Passes Away Quietly and W/O Seeing Her Son

Jackie Peterson, 70, the mother of the infamous murderer Scott Peterson passed away quietly at home earlier this month with her husband. She was not able to see her son one last time before she did. She lost her battle to cancer. It was well known she struggled with breathing as she used oxygen during the trial of her son Scott in 2004 for the murders of his wife and son in 2002.

She steadfastly believed in his innocence and died believing he was.  This was not widely reported as she wanted to keep it quiet because they didn't want the notoriety that would come along with it.  When you birth a child, you accept everything that comes with them, good, bad, or otherwise.

At least now, she will know the truth and get to meet and be with her grandson.  RIP Jackie Peterson.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Update on Rebecca Sedwick Case!

YES! 5 weeks after little 12 year old Rebecca Sedwick jumped to her death, 2 girls have now been arrested for aggravated stalking charges. They were arrested Monday night and then released into their parents custody.  No court date has been set yet. It's up to prosecutors whether they will face any other charges.

Rebecca was not only bullied in school but online.  The online bullying continued even after her mom pulled her out of the school with such messages as "you should just die" and "why don't you go kill yourself".  The night before she jumped she messaged a boy she had befriended online, writing, "I'm jumping. I can't take it anymore."

People have said she was absolutely terrorized on social media by some girls and appeared completely beat down.

When will people learn that words CAN hurt?? even typed words? I've been teased my whole life.  I was even after I moved from a school and came back to visit the area, the same people still teased with the same stuff.  I can't imagine what people go through now with the electronic age that wasn't really prominent during my early times.

I repeat this all the time if you See it, or you Hear it, STOP IT! If you don't then you are just as bad as those that are doing it! be the solution! I have stood up in the middle of a New Jersey service station off the turnpike and reprimanded a group of school kids for making fun of one girl.  I knew they would make fun of me for doing it, but by doing that, it meant I got in their head and they were not thinking about the girl anymore etc.

Words have actions and consequences. Whether spoken or typed you can be held responsible for what you write, speak, or type.  These two girls will be as as several others across the US and the trend is picking up. Law Enforcement doesn't look kindly on egging people to kill themselves or driving them to do it nor do I.

I even talked to seniors a few years ago at Universal Studios Orlando when they were having seniors day to have them help shape the younger ones coming up in the school to stop the bullying and they listened.  Throughout the day they saw me and waved smiling.  They remembered me which means they will remember the message.  I hope you will too. See it, Hear it, STOP IT! Be a part of the solution!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What do you think? Should she get the money?

MINEOLA, N.Y. — Leatrice Brewer drowned her three young children in 2008 believing she was saving them from the deadly effects of voodoo. Afterward she tried to commit suicide twice, but failed.
Now the 33-year-old suburban New York woman who was found not guilty because of mental disease or defect in the deaths of her children, ages 1, 5 and 6, wants a portion of the children's $350,000 estate. Her attorneys say she shouldn't be subject to laws that bar convicts from profiting from their crimes.
Nassau County Surrogate's Court Judge Edward McCarty ruled Thursday that Brewer be taken from an upstate psychiatric facility to testify about her request next month.
Although the case would establish a precedent in New York if Brewer succeeds, she's not expected to see any money because of a $1.2 million lien against her for psychiatric counseling and other services she has received since her arrest, attorneys said.
Brewer admitted she drowned the children in the bathtub of her apartment in New Cassel, on Long Island about 20 miles east of New York City, in February 2008. She later placed the children's bodies on a bed and tried to kill herself by swallowing a concoction of household cleaning chemicals. When that suicide bid failed, she jumped out her second-story window but again survived.
Instead of facing trial on three murder counts in the children's deaths, Brewer pleaded not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect. Psychiatrists had determined she suffered a major depressive disorder and believed she killed the children to save them from the potentially fatal effects of voodoo.
Brewer is being kept at a state psychiatric hospital until psychiatrists determine she's no longer mentally ill.
New York's Son of Sam Law, named for the 1970s serial killer and amended in 2001, was designed to prevent criminals from profiting from their crimes, such as by selling their stories to book publishers or moviemakers. The judge in Brewer's case, though, has noted the unique aspect — that Brewer wasn't convicted.
The case drew attention to Nassau County's social services agency, whose caseworkers visited Brewer's apartment two days before the killings and found no one home but neglected to schedule an immediate follow-up visit. Two social workers were later suspended.
Lawsuits against the county filed by the father of Brewer's 1-year-old son, Innocent Demesyeux, and 5-year-old son, Michael Demesyeux, were settled for $250,000. A lawsuit filed by the father of Brewer's 6-year-old daughter, Jewell Ward, was recently settled for $100,000.
The judge has scheduled a Nov. 6 hearing on the matter

22 years later... Baby Hope case resolved, mom,dad,killer known

After 22 years, Baby Hope's case has been solved!  Her real name? Anjelica Castillo, Age 4. To remind you of the case, her abused and decomposed body was found in an ice chest on July 23, 1991 by the side of the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, police announced the arrest of Conrado Juarez, 52, Anjelica's cousin. He has been charged with murder. The anonymous tip came after the latest canvass this past July leading to Anjelica's sister who is now an adult.  From there, they were able to identify who they believed to be Anjelica's mother.

That tip lead directly to the eventual arrest of Conrado Juarez who is Anjelica's cousin on her fathers side. After questioning him at his dish washing job in manhattan, they arrested him where he remained emotionless as he was walked by reporters. He fully admitted to the crime on Saturday.

Adrian Peterson

This case really hit me hard. To hear that this ball player learned only a few months ago that he was a father to a 2 year old boy is a shock enough.  Then to add insult to injury, throw in there hearing some guy he's never met that the baby mama is dating beats the life out of the boy. Icing on the cake? The first time he meets his son? He's on life support in the hospital from said beating. He's basically gone with his father finally gets to meet him.

Could you imagine? Finding out you were a father and the first time you meet him is the last time you see him all in the span of 2-3 months. It's just so sad! I know he has said he would continue to play during all this but dude, we understand you are going to need time to grieve and process everything. You can always play, you can't redo these moments.

I'm so sorry to Adrian Peterson, his family, and all others affected by this horrible loss. That was such a beautiful thing to do out of such a horrible situation by donating his organs! For those dozens that will be fortunate enough to be recipients thank you for your selfless gift of life for them out of such a tragedy for you.

I wish more people would be that selfless and I hope more people will be since you guys have been so public about it etc. it really does help make a difference. I hope the monster that did this pays for it.  I'm glad they have him behind bars and hope it is a fast fair trial for the families sake.

R.I.P. little angel

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Meeting Ann Rule 7 years ago today

So for those that don't know, 7 years ago there was a chemical plant explosion here here I live. That shows the enormity of it and this article from CBS give more details of why we had to evacuate when we did. -It was insinuated that I wasn't planning to go to Atlanta that weekend and then made a sudden change of plans because I was a stalker fan or something.

Actually, the plan was my parents were planning to drive up from Atlanta to spend some time with us because I had had surgery on my ear and nasal passages. Then the plant explosion happened and we were being forced to evacuate so when my parents heard this (by the time we called them they were already seeing it on CNN)  they said pack that car and get your butts down here NOW!

I suddenly recalled that Ann Rule would be in town with the book signing and I would indeed be able to make it! I was so excited because I had read all of her books at this point and waited with baited breath for every new one to come out. This time she was signing Green River Running Red and on top of that she had Tom Allanson from Everything She Ever Wanted and his wife there too!  I'd never been to a book signing so I was really excited and couldn't wait to go!

My husband and dad went with me because it was about a 45 minute drive from where my dad's house was and we only had the one car. We were having a big family dinner so we couldn't stay too long because my dad had to help my mom with prepping and cooking the dinner.  

So, while we were waiting for Ann to speak, we all got to know each other in our seats. We had a few people come up and join in the middle of our conversation and asked a few questions of me so I answered them then returned back to the conversation that had been going on.  Ann had brought her friend Donna Anders with her as well and it turns out she lived hear where my dad used to live in Seattle when we lived in Seattle. We did a little small talk while in line waiting for the books to be signed etc. some of which came back to hurt me later.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ariel Castro is Dead

Go ahead and rejoice. He was horrible in what he did. However, something seems weird. I have had 3 people in my life commit suicide and 1 was by hanging.  Castro was found in his protective custody cell where he was checked on every 30 minutes.  For him to create the loop to hang from, get up to where it was, hang and not be standing on anything long enough for him to be found dead I find very fishy.

His family found out like Ritchie Valens mother did, from the media.  Castro was found at 9:20 and declared at 10:39 pm or something and the family wasn't informed formally by authorities til 1 something in the morning.  That's just not right.  It doesn't matter what someone has done in their life, you don't punish the family who had nothing to do with it.

Yes, I understand he was a horrible man. Suicide is selfish.  He lasted a month.  For regular suicide people, whatever you thought it would be a solution for, it only leaves those problems for your loved ones to deal with.  Maybe he did do it, but if I were the family, I would have an independent investigation to be on the safe side and for sound of mind for them.

You also have to understand he has that little girl that was a daddy's girl.  When they left that house she was asking where her daddy was.  She was saying she wanted her daddy Ariel.  How do you think this will affect her?

To the media: please respect all 4 of the girls privacy and his family and give them the time to process what has happened and I'm sure they will talk when they are ready. You already pissed them off by telling them he was dead before the authorities could. Think about if this was a family member of yours, would you like to find out about it on tv or on the internet? What about pictures? Would you want them flashed all over the media before you had a chance to find out?  Respect.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brad Cooper gets new trial!

The NC Appeals Court has ordered a new trial for Brad Cooper based on the fact that Judge Gessner limited the testimony of Jay Ward on the Google Map evidence which was the only hard evidence used to convict him.

I am so unbelievably happy! People are saying how unfair this is that Nancy never got a redo etc.  Well, if their opinions are correct, they will get the same outcome in the end.  However, if he was railroaded as I have been saying along with many others since the 911 call, they will have to start opening their eyes as to who their friend really was, and what domestic violence really is.

This trial is indeed one I will be attending in support of Brad and his family.

here's a link to a story on the new trial and to the local station that will be covering it: WRAL

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Andrea Sneiderman- Sentencing Day!

I decided that out of my respect for Rusty's family, I was going to stay away from the courthouse and watch things unfold from home.  I wanted to make sure the day was focused on justice for Rusty not on my 2 second stunt done out of the presence of the judge, jury, convict, and victims family as it would have been if Andrea's friends had their way.

I can tell you that 100% Andrea was lying on the stand. She was not contrite regarding what she'd been convicted on!  It was NOT true that were it not for the children she wanted to die after Rusty's death because there was already another man in the picture "mowing her lawn" while his wife helped her with the Shiva.   This same man left his pregnant wife and the divorce was final last summer.  He's attended pretty much almost all of her court appearances since! He was even spotted in the courtroom this day.

There is a recording of him on a phone call after Andrea was arrested last year while she was jailed saying he loved her!  The day she appeared in court for the charges for murder to be dropped she was wearing a WAY different ring than she was the wedding set from Rusty she wore throughout the trial. Below is a picture example of each!

 Worn the Friday the Murder Charges were dropped:

The Marital Set she wore the rest of the time.

Oh and as for crying on the stand while addressing the judge? never a tear was shed.  She was convicted of lying in his courtroom during Hemy's trial and hasn't stopped since.  The only person she cares about is herself.  As I have said before, the kids are the biggest victims in this whole thing because now they have neither parent, or shouldn't, they will eventually get her back for their important life moments.

On this day, she was sentenced to 5 years for each count she was found guilty of but to run them all concurrent instead of consecutive and they will be taking out the time already served in jail and out on house arrest so more like 4 years but maybe more like 2 with good behavior because it's a first time offense. 

All of the "friends" that spoke on her behalf that were also Rusty's friends, I was shaking my head at them. I wouldn't have considered them my friend if they did that after what has happened. I call that fair weather friends.  

As I have said before, in the end, nobody wins. It doesn't bring Rusty back, it doesn't make his loss any less, or the pain and missing him any less. But, in the end, it ends with Andrea. If that other man were smart, he would think about all that has happened and run while she's behind bars to someplace she can't find him when she gets out. I wouldn't want to be connected to that situation in any way if I were him.  Was it really worth leaving that baby?  Think about why you loved the baby's mom in the first place and start there.  Maybe move someplace and try again?

As for the children in the situation, they need all the family around them now more than ever given everything that has happened and I hope for their sake they get it with an olive branch? Why involve more when you really don't have to. It stops with Andrea.  She's in jail for a bit. Why not try some family picnics or dinners? What seriously could it hurt? Everyone loves the kids and want what's best for them, it's a start.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Andrea Sneiderman Trial Monday

I'm finally back in NC! Some of you know that for all of 2 seconds I stood in front of the pool video feed camera on Monday August 19, 2013 after the judge, jury, convict, and victims family had left the courtroom. As I did so, the camera man said "don't, I don't want you to get held in contempt and it isn't running anyway." It was a split second decision as I was leaving the courtroom.  I meant no disrespect to the Sneiderman family.

Earlier in the day, "Wild", as he is known, was joking around with me and told me that if I could get in front of a camera with that sign I would get a mug. I actually did it, he saw it, he's sending the mug and I'll put a pix up when it arrives. The WAT that everyone has wondered about stands for Wild About Trial, a live streaming website for trials going on across the US.  It is the best place to find any of the cases currently allowing cameras in the courtroom as they happen. With that I will end anything further on that topic other than to say publicly thank you to all those who defended me especially Larry Peck ;)  I never asked for my last blog post to be posted on any facebook pages so no, I don't owe anyone anything because they "gave me a platform and a huge view hit for my blog".  Sorry but the views weren't nearly THAT big. I do know how to get my blog out to the masses thanks! Feel free to leave comments here if you have questions about my time in Atlanta because this and twitter are the only places I will publicly answer.

Onto Monday! When I arrived, we all sat outside the courtroom until the bailiff let us in.  He said it would remain unlocked and we could use our phones/ electronics as long as court was not in session. I have always said that if a verdict is gonna come, it will come after lunch.  That day, in particular, I felt it would be after lunch because they had had all weekend to think about all they had digested on Friday all day.  They could go over the few things that might have still been nagging etc. in the morning but after they had their last lunch they would come back with a verdict.

I thought I was being silly saying earlier than 2 so I said before 3. So there I am surrounded by local journalists so we bantered about previous high profile cases etc.  It hits noon which according to the past has been lunch for the jury.  The schedule has been 8:30 in 12:00-1:00 lunch 4:30 out if no verdict etc. So right at noon the bailiff kicked us out and locked the doors til 1:00.

I decided to go out to my car and tinker with my ipad etc. and came back in just as the bailiff was unlocking the doors again at 1.  A few minutes later I saw a female court personnel peek out and motion for a bailiff.  I said something like should I read something into that... the other bailiff never understood me so I just shrugged.  I saw one of the bailiffs with the box that usually contained the jurors notebooks and somehow or another the word verdict was whispered among us and he motioned to be quiet and type because I said something like I KNEW IT! (louder than I should have.)  As soon as I got out the words we have a verdict with the hashtags and tweeted they announced for those of us not in the press to turn off our cell phones and electronic devices.

It was like within minutes all the parties were there because I knew the Sneiderman family was there just not in the courtroom, we had seen lawyers from both sides around so it really didn't take long to get everyone assembled.  It was Andrea's side that took the longest to assemble.  Rusty's brother or his father had brought these sheets in that were pre-printed with the counts and guilt or not guilty boxes next to them so you could just go down and x as they were read out.  Y'all know the verdict.  9 felony convictions.  Wonder if she knows she can't vote as a convicted felon. I looked back at the Sneiderman's lawyer with a big smile as they took her into custody immediately.

Nobody ever wins in cases like this. The biggest victims of course are the kids.  Andrea says Hemy took Rusty away from them but she had a hand in it obviously so now they won't have both parents for maybe 4 years. Andrea will get to be there for Sophia's Bat Mitzva, wedding, babies, etc.  Andrea will get to be there for Ian's Bar Mitzva, wedding, babies, etc. Rusty won't.

No matter what the outcome was to this case nothing would bring Rusty back. It won't make the hurt in his families hearts any less painful.  It won't make them miss him any less. The best things for those kids though? Both sides of the family working together to be there for the kids and to let both sides be there for the kids. The blame stops at Andrea. Everyone else should be there for those kids and should be allowed to be there for those kids and it not even be some issue that has to be fought.  Family is family.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Andrea Sneiderman Trial

So, I've been down in Atlanta all week for the Andrea Sneiderman trial. She was originally charged with 3 bigger charges towards killing her husband but the Friday before the jury selection was to begin the state dropped those 3 charges. They can still bring those charges back. HLN/CNN decided that because they dropped those charges they would not be covering the case and would cover another case in its place.

I drove down Friday August 10, 2013 and am staying with my family in Canton.  See, I was born in Atlanta and lived there off and on for 14 years.  I grew up in Willow Pointe where everyone knew everyone and the kids ran freely from yard to yard, house to house, dawn til dusk no locked doors. When I moved back I lived in Brookstone I where you knew a lot of your neighbors because we moved in when it was just starting to be built.

I actually went back to my old first neighborhood last Saturday and the neighbors I grew up with still live there. I got to catch up with them and recall old times.  It was like nothing had changed!  I miss that neighborhood because in reality so much has changed in the 30 years since I have lived there in the world. My nieces can't do the same things their mom and I could.  I fear for their safety daily out in Canton.

The biggest change? People have started picking on people that are different from them for no reason. I showed up nice and early on Monday to the courthouse.  I was told to turn my cell phone off by some court attenders and then by the bailiff and I told him all the sounds and alerts were off.  The sidebar first thing was regarding the fact I was refusing to turn my phone off.  I heard at the end he would deal with it if something happened. I think they were concerned I might take photos too (I realized that later). I had to leave at the lunch break because my back was really bothering me. I found out at that time that it was NOT free for handicap parking in the tower as the court website had led to believe.

Tuesday morning I went to where the guy in the tower told me the free handicap parking was and was told it wasn't so I had to head back to get cash then head back to court. I got up to the floor and sat outside the courtroom waiting for the next break because they had told me the first day to turn my cell phone off and I said the sounds were all off I was tweeting live.  When I got on the floor there were a group of people that were all like "oh look who's back!" "why is she here?"

They went so far as to snap photos (yes I saw y'all whether or not you think I did) and say things such as "must be nice to have a job that pays enough to let you drive down here to attend a trial you aren't a part of" etc. you get the drift. I was dared by a friend to snap a pix since they had  since the sounds were off my phone they wouldn't hear it etc.  Let's just say silent hall shutter sound WAS active.  INNOCUOUS photo of the HALLWAY not people was taken and deleted.

This really set them off.  They started saying "oh you want to take our photos?" and started ridiculously posing.  At one point when someone came off the elevator they said look who's here! so I turned and with a big smile on my face I did a big animated wave and went back to ignoring them.  Turns out they were witnesses to boot!  I did something I shouldn't have because I was tired of them talking about me etc. so I posted a tweet... and if they were witnesses they shouldn't have seen it but it was to the tune of " (hashtag) to the catty bitches in the hallway I heard your entire conversation about me and that was very rude.

I know, I know, I stooped to their level.  When the break did come they ran up to the defense attorney's saying look who's here! why is she here?  They even at one point had tried to call security saying I was a suspicious person! (yes I heard that too girls)  As I went in the courtroom I caught them say "go get her" to the defense attorney etc.  I had deleted the photo and covered my camera so the bailiffs would be happy. I had also deleted the catty tweet.

I got to tweet for a few minutes until I tweeted the apology to those ladies in the hallway when I realized they were witnesses.  Then he made me turn my phone off and I did.  had a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day to show them they didn't get to me.... until I was heading back to Canton that night.

I was at a stop light and decided to put my top down but the light turned green, I freaked out and started driving... popped a tired and bent a wheel.  one of the hecklers was behind me.  just what I needed. AAA switched my tired to a donut and off to my folks I went.

Wednesday I went to the Tire shop to get the new tire we had ordered but then wheel was bent so I had to wait another day to get that back so I went home and rested because I really hadn't slept anyway. Thursday morning I got the tired put on and headed down to the courthouse just in time for closing arguments! I had rallied the troops from #DMTDC and a bunch of us came together at the last moment for them! we all barraged the courtroom for seats and floored Andreas side.

When I came up on the floor to begin with I heard " she's not taking my picture" several times over and just rolled my eyes because my phone wasn't on or even out! I ended up sitting in front of Rusty's family.  They are the sweetest people and no one is really caring about them.  During the break b/w arguments I asked how they were doing, if they had had something to eat or drink today etc. and they hadn't.  I told them they had to because Rusty wouldn't want them to be like this.  He would want them well to fight this fight for him. We talked about more I respect them enough to not post about it.

I went from the courthouse to a great get together with the #DMTDC! It was great meeting everyone in person! y'all rock! Thank you David for everything you have done and continue to do! OH! I didn't go down to the court house on Friday because I felt miserable but I live tweeted from my parents all day. I have decided to stay and go on Monday with my father to wait for a verdict. We won't be there to bother anyone, or disrupt anything. Both of our phones will be off when the judge is not on the bench or on the record. We respect the fact that everyone there has been affected by this case in one way or another and we don't want to add to it.

I drove down from the Raleigh area of NC for this. I have been to several big cases because I want to see the ins and outs of the courtroom procedures etc.  I'm considering going back to school for criminal justice.  It's no one's business why I'm there. Anyone can walk off the street and sit in there as it is open to the public. If you must know, I don't have a job and we had to pinch pennies for me to be able to do this. Thankfully I have family here I can stay with.  The wheel incident certainly didn't help things. Don't judge people before you meet them. I judged you because of what you were saying about me.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More on George Zimmerman case

You know, why does the court bother sealing the jurors information if they are just going to come out and do interviews within days of the verdicts? Juror B37 keeps talking to Anderson Cooper.  The more she says the more pissed off I get she was able to stealth her way onto the jury as a stealth juror.  Come on! Her husband was a lawyer! They are already in talks of writing a book together from the vantage points of juror and a lawyer. *rhe* PUHLEASE! I bet that deal was made when she got called back but before she got sworn in!

She doesn't think he should have done everything he did leading up to the shooting.  HELLO! If he never left his car there never would have been a case to begin with!  I really do feel sorry that 4 of the other jurors felt they had to release a statement saying she doesn't speak for them and 1 has continued to stay silent because they wanted to be completely left alone afterwards.  I wonder if that was the one that wanted to find him guilty of something.

I have said that I respect their decision that they came to with what they were given. I don't agree with it and I don't have to.  I also don't have to shove my opinion down others throats and I don't and won't. I choose not to go rioting in the streets trashing establishments windows etc. Those that do damage others property due to their disagreeing with the verdict are no better than George Zimmerman pulling that trigger.  You can protest peacefully without damaging others property.  Trayvon wouldn't want you to protest like this.  His family has asked for everything to be done peacefully.

Think before you act! Trayvon wasn't a thug, he was a 17 year old kid just trying to get back to his dad's home with his bag of skittles and drink.  btw the new craze of "Trayvoning" is very distasteful. Seriously?? Come on people? Think before you act!

Peace and love.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin- George Zimmerman found not guilty

So, I had an open mind when this case started.  I was willing to believe George Zimmerman was innocent until some evidence was shown to me that told me otherwise.  While you may not like Trayvon's friend Rachel, I think she had the truest version of what happened.  Being the age she was and the fact she was the last to talk to him prior to being shot, she was traumatized very badly.  That is why she didn't want to get involved.  She was involved with drugs and alcohol and it appears still is.  She is in deep need of therapy and help to deal with the obvious tremendous guilt she feels for being the last to talk to Trayvon etc.

When I heard the non emergency calls from the months that led up to the incident I distinctly heard 2 of them where he was in his car in the middle of the night.  He stayed in his car but followed the out of place boys to the back gate and noted each time they ended up in the neighborhood behind theirs by the time the cops got there.  In one call he even told that to the operator that they should have someone respond to that neighborhood and his.

When he made these calls, he started them all with almost the same exact script of "um yeah, hi we've had a lot of break ins in our neighborhood recently and I'm part of the neighborhood watch and there are these suspicious guys.. etc."  there were never any other descriptions of guys other than black.  He knew what to say having been the point person for the neighborhood to set up the neighborhood watch with the police person that does the presentation on what it is about and the dos and don'ts etc.

He also had 167 hours of class time in criminal justice classes which included time on self defense/stand your ground.  The teacher of that class said he was a great student and was very inquisitive. they didn't just go over that subject once in the class and drop it, the teacher brought up scenarios all the time.  He referred to his gun as his firearm not a gun.  He used police jargon. He said he holstered his firearm.

If you recall on the call that evening he told the operator he was following Trayvon and was told he didn't have to so he said he was heading back to his car.  At one point he said he was looking for an address, street etc. for the police officers coming in to tell them where he was.  There are only 3 roads in that complex and he had lived there for YEARS.  He said he was attacked when heading back to his truck, but if this was true, why would he tell the operator to have them call his cell and he would tell them where he was?

In the past he never got out of his car, he always followed them to the back gate with his vehicle and stayed in it, so why the change this time? because they always got away!  he was looking for where he disappeared to. He wasn't returning to his truck.  He was tracking Trayvon.

Had he done the same as he'd done in the past, none of this would have happened.  He did.  The jury looked at all the evidence and delivered their verdict.  We have to respect their verdict.  We don't have to agree or like it but it is their verdict.

Let me put out there that saying nasty things like bad things should happen to lawyers, witness', or any players in any court cases etc.? that can get you arrested and possibly  dealing with the FBI.  They are watching and they do take it seriously.  Look at the kid that thought it was ok to post what he thought was a joke regarding a school near him who spent time in jail and just got out on bail.  Posting people's real addresses, phone numbers, google earth pictures of their houses, pictures of their family members, etc. all not ok.  Don't take the law into your own hands. That is all illegal and uncool.

If you would like to do something peaceful regarding the verdict, how about put on a hoodie (not over your head just on), go to your local food mart(gas station market), pick out your favorite non alcoholic drink, pick up a bag of skittles or a bag of candy of your choice, pay for it of course, when you get outside put your hoodie on and walk home minding your own business. Don't listen to what anyone says or does.  Finish what Trayvon couldn't.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jodi Arias Verdict

GUILTY!!!!!! 1st degree premeditated murder!  do NOT give her the death penalty because that is what she wants.  Give her life without parole in solitary! that will kill her!  She will get better treatment on death row than she will elsewhere!

Sheriff Joe needs to be ousted and replaced.  That was so unbelievably unethical to let her go directly from the verdict to a television interview!  Shame on you!  Your 15 minutes of fame are long gone sir! 20 years is long enough for you but 25 years is not long enough for Jodi!

I realize it was indeed especially cruel but y'all don't realize the way they are treated on death row with the relentless appeals etc. it will take 12 years minimum to kill her. She shouldn't be allowed to sell anymore of her artwork etc.  She shouldn't be able to get tweets out etc.

She looked so smug when the verdict was being delivered.  So psycho that she was able to control those emotions!  good lord!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Jodi Arias Trial

So I guess that this Wednesday will be the start of week 12 with only 2 days.  This is getting ridiculous! Maybe like the Sandusky case, they should start having court on the weekend.

So like most other trials that interest me, I have a chat room on facebook.  But, due to some debby downers, it's now secret as will any other room I create for real time chatting during a trial that is live streaming.  If you aren't already in it, you probably won't be in it.

People question my intelligence and or my knowledge of cases and or the law. These are the same people that sit behind their computer screens all day instead of getting out and actually attending a few of these interesting cases as I have done.   They are also the ones that apparently aren't so interested in the case that they have never been to a crime scene or places associated with the cases.  My youtube channel proves that for me.

I think that Jodi is a sociopath that upon learning she wasn't going to Cancun with Travis, plotted to kill him.  She stole her grandfathers gun 2 weeks prior, got gas cans so she wouldn't have to stop, etc.  Has anyone considered that the 3rd gas can was used to burn all of the evidence out in the desert?

I still wonder about the roommates of Travis not needing to do their clothes, being able to walk by his room and not be suspicious as Mimi said they could smell death as soon as they opened the front door. There is evidence out there that a roommate was going to use the clothes washer but saw clothes in there and went up to talk to Travis.  There is a sneaker impression in the blood on the tile no one has talked about.  Was Jodi conspiring with a roommate and that is who dragged him back to the shower?

Another thing to think about, a video came out recently of Travis speaking of an attack that sounds eerily similar to the one Jodi described as the "Ninja Attack" her 2nd story.  The way she looks in the video draped over him and not really engaged in the conversation or the people around.  She wanted him all to herself but he was happy sitting there telling his story.  he obviously DID show PDA as per that video.

Oh and I had another thought... we've never heard from Victor Arias or his family.  We have seen no pictures.  Anyone else find it convenient he has her last name... and what some don't know is Travis' middle name was Victor!  How was she doing an exchange program when she wasn't in school? Just some things to think about.

She did it, she's admitted to it, and she's showing no remorse.  She's begging for the jury to save her life through her testimony.  I think that like Casey Anthony would have had she been convicted,  she's having too much fun in jail and has turned to the girly side.  She still doesn't get we all see through her act.

Onward and upwards until the next day of trial.....