Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Gabriel Case

So I've been watching all the coverage on the baby Gabriel case and it kinda reminds me of 2 other high profile cases from the past. The most recent of course being Casey Anthony and the not so recent Melinda Duckett. Casey from day one wanted to put Caylee up for adoption but momma Cindy wouldn't have it. Casey eventually got jealous of the relationship Cindy was forming with Caylee so my opinion is that she killed her to hurt her mother because she tried to be Caylee's mother and seemingly a better mother to Caylee than she was to Casey! Melinda on the other hand, was also mentally unstable and would constantly use Trenton as a pawn like Elizabeth Johnson was doing with baby Gabriel. I have a feeling, like the previous two cases, that Gabriel is no longer alive and was killed out of spite like the other two. I wish women like this weren't able to procreate and use their babies as pawns. There are people all over the world that can't have kids and desperately want kids! I think that Elizabeth's conversation in jail with Tammi is quite telling. From the loads of observations I've made over the years in cases and watching people, I think Tammi was telling the truth and being played by Elizabeth. I think Tammi stopped for a moment to make sure that she could clearly state what she was going to and that if it were true she set up an adoption with friends of hers they would have already figured that out. I think Tammi was played by Elizabeth BIG time because Elizabeth saw how desperate Tammi was to adopt another child. I feel for the men like Josh Duckett and Logan in what they have been put through and will probably never find out what happened to their sons due to the selfish, sick, unstable women they impregnated. Just my $0.02. feel free to join the discussion on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/110563462412163/

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zimmerman V. Trayvon.

This has been a heated topic on the web and tv pundits for a while now.  I don't think they will get murder 2, reckless homicide would be good.  His parents aren't looking to burn him at the stake etc. They are seeking that justice is served to the one that killed their son.  They want him to be brought to trial and judged by a jury not the public.  They will live with whatever the verdict is because they know that in the end, everything was done to get justice for their son.  They don't need to see him get the death penalty because that won't bring their son back.  Justice I believe would be his gun permit revoked permanently, jail time, and if he is able to get out on parole he should be made to go around and speak to schools about what happened.

What do you guys think?