Thursday, October 13, 2011

Michael Jackson Case again

something people haven't picked up or made a point about is when they were introducing all the medication bottles into evidence not only were there multiple bottles of the same type of med, they were filled around the same time by different doctors, but they were also filled at multiple different chains of pharmacies and with fake names.

I think Michael is somewhat responsible for his addiction, however, if there were federal laws against using anything other than your legal name I think a lot of celebrities we have lost recently would still be around.

When I watched them entering all those meds it pissed me off because it's cases like this that make people like me have such a hard time establishing trust with a doctor and vice versa with all that I deal with daily.

 I had a doctor accuse me of pharmacy hopping and being addicted to a medicine when in reality I had stage 4 endometriosis and he wasn't reading notes that were being sent in by my gynecologist just initialing them.  I had several surgeries he had no idea about. Thanks to him, the accusation is forever in my medical record and it screwed me out of a car accident settlement.

People also shouldn't be allowed to get controlled substances like MJ had from multiple doctors/pharmacies.  There should be a federal system that all pharmacies enter prescriptions into to keep the record so that you don't get people "doctor/pharmacy hopping".  If someone tried to get multiple fills of the same med or class of med it would pop up when the pharmacy tried to fill it and make them aware which will lessen the chances of a stockpile of meds  and addiction/accidental overdose.

I was curious why Arnie Klein won't be called to the witness stand. Is it because he'd probably invoke the 5th?  Is there a possibility still of charging him as well?  With it coming out he was dosing MJ several times a week with demerol shots etc., he too is culpable.  I don't know of anything dermatologically needing demerol.    This is turning into a case of the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing and MJ obviously knew what HE was doing.

When I say MJ is partially responsible, I mean for his addiction.  For the actual cause of death Dr. Murray is 100% culpable.  He gave the propofal but really wasn't paying attention to MJ, rather he was too busy making booty calls etc.  The fact that he called one of the women from the ambulance is just jaw dropping.  He used a medicine outside of the setting it is intended for and was able to stockpile it at that.