Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ariel Castro is Dead

Go ahead and rejoice. He was horrible in what he did. However, something seems weird. I have had 3 people in my life commit suicide and 1 was by hanging.  Castro was found in his protective custody cell where he was checked on every 30 minutes.  For him to create the loop to hang from, get up to where it was, hang and not be standing on anything long enough for him to be found dead I find very fishy.

His family found out like Ritchie Valens mother did, from the media.  Castro was found at 9:20 and declared at 10:39 pm or something and the family wasn't informed formally by authorities til 1 something in the morning.  That's just not right.  It doesn't matter what someone has done in their life, you don't punish the family who had nothing to do with it.

Yes, I understand he was a horrible man. Suicide is selfish.  He lasted a month.  For regular suicide people, whatever you thought it would be a solution for, it only leaves those problems for your loved ones to deal with.  Maybe he did do it, but if I were the family, I would have an independent investigation to be on the safe side and for sound of mind for them.

You also have to understand he has that little girl that was a daddy's girl.  When they left that house she was asking where her daddy was.  She was saying she wanted her daddy Ariel.  How do you think this will affect her?

To the media: please respect all 4 of the girls privacy and his family and give them the time to process what has happened and I'm sure they will talk when they are ready. You already pissed them off by telling them he was dead before the authorities could. Think about if this was a family member of yours, would you like to find out about it on tv or on the internet? What about pictures? Would you want them flashed all over the media before you had a chance to find out?  Respect.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brad Cooper gets new trial!

The NC Appeals Court has ordered a new trial for Brad Cooper based on the fact that Judge Gessner limited the testimony of Jay Ward on the Google Map evidence which was the only hard evidence used to convict him.

I am so unbelievably happy! People are saying how unfair this is that Nancy never got a redo etc.  Well, if their opinions are correct, they will get the same outcome in the end.  However, if he was railroaded as I have been saying along with many others since the 911 call, they will have to start opening their eyes as to who their friend really was, and what domestic violence really is.

This trial is indeed one I will be attending in support of Brad and his family.

here's a link to a story on the new trial and to the local station that will be covering it: WRAL