Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jodi Arias Verdict

GUILTY!!!!!! 1st degree premeditated murder!  do NOT give her the death penalty because that is what she wants.  Give her life without parole in solitary! that will kill her!  She will get better treatment on death row than she will elsewhere!

Sheriff Joe needs to be ousted and replaced.  That was so unbelievably unethical to let her go directly from the verdict to a television interview!  Shame on you!  Your 15 minutes of fame are long gone sir! 20 years is long enough for you but 25 years is not long enough for Jodi!

I realize it was indeed especially cruel but y'all don't realize the way they are treated on death row with the relentless appeals etc. it will take 12 years minimum to kill her. She shouldn't be allowed to sell anymore of her artwork etc.  She shouldn't be able to get tweets out etc.

She looked so smug when the verdict was being delivered.  So psycho that she was able to control those emotions!  good lord!