Thursday, May 7, 2015

Theater Shooting Trial- Interesting Pictures

Ok, so most of the time he sits there twisting back and forth... and people just because he does that doesn't make him autistic. Don't you DARE mislabel him and other shooters and make fodder of true autistic kids when you do that. He's bored so he's doing that. He knows what's going on. He's paying attention. You want to know how I know? Most of y'all aren't watching him like a hawk apparently like I am. I have ADD and take my meds so I can sit and stay stuck on one think for hours on end. So, check after the jump and I'll show you a number of photos with the proof he's not insane, he is fully competent, knows exactly what is going on, and is one of those that should be killed because he is diabolical and no one sees it.  He's playing everyone very well. Wow is he ever.