Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Casey Anthony

I'm not gonna give her a lot of the attention she is craving but I just had to wonder WTF was she thinking calling Pierce Morgan when the appeal is up in the air on her conviction and the civil suit is still going on? can we say DUMBASS? *shakes head* that's all you'll get from me.

Jerry Sandusky's Trial

I don't know about anyone else, but I am getting tired of the constant coverage of this trial. Yes, child molestation is a very important subject and my view pisses people off and some have said it's people like me that keep victims from stepping forward etc.

However, have you ever thought that these now men get revictimized not only when they testify but every time their story is brought up on the news? There is a reason they don't allow camera's normally in molestation/sex crime trials. While this isn't the reason the camera's aren't in the courtroom in this case, in mostly every other state they aren't allowed due to the sensitive subject and respecting the victims etc.

Also, in these cases the identity of the victims are protected etc. The fact that this judge decided not to strikes a chord with me. I applaud In Session for NOT revealing the identities and keeping the protection there even when the court wouldn't.

On Monday people were mentioning how big the news media presence was there and tried to compare it to the likes of the Casey Anthony case etc. Let me tell you, I was at the Casey Anthony trial for a day, there was no where NEAR this many news agencies/ satellite trucks present there as they are here. The reason It's so much bigger here is because football is like at least a national attention getting if not globally since we are seeing agencies not from the US there. Even Sports Illustrated is there! Penn State is KNOWN for their football and that is what the areas around the college are all about. Everyone roots for Penn State and supports the college etc.

We don't need to know ALL the facts, it's none of our business. Yes, it's in court but just because something is in court doesn't mean we are entitled to know every single detail. The more you discuss the facts, the more you revictimize these guys over and over.


Adam Kaufman Trial

I have to say that I am very happy he was found not guilty. He is innocent. I know this because of experiences in my own life. When I was in high school, I had an allergic reaction to a medicine and the reaction was to pass out after using the restroom. This wasn't the only time. Prior to my marriage, while living at my parents house I had another allergic reaction to another medicine. Not only did I pass out after using the restroom, I never made it out of the toilet area. In my parents house the bathrooms had the toilets in their own separate area that you could close a door for privacy etc. while others were using the sinks etc. Apparently, When I got up to leave the toilet area, I passed out b/w the doorway and the toilet getting a bruise around the left eye and cheek. I also bruised my backside which had hit the toilet on the way down apparently. So it does happen. I wasn't even 25 when that happened.

While I was a senior in high school, I had a family friend pass away of an undiagnosed enlarged heart. He was 23 and in the navy. Don't you think that would show up in the physical? The days leading up to his passing, he had been practicing on deep dives in a deep dive tank. His roommate had moved out and they had a false alarm fire alarm go off. No one saw him come out during that so they went to check on him and that's when they found him. He'd passed away 3 days prior. He hadn't complained of chest pains or anything else prior to his passing. It is possible for people that young to have heart issues and not even know it!

Lena's family said she had had several episodes of fainting so it's entirely plausible that is what happened and when she did, her neck landed on the strap of the magazine holder and cut off her airway. She was out cold so the lack of oxygen wouldn't have taken long for her to pass away due to this.

I just hope that Adam and all the people affected by the loss can now move on with their grieving. What do you guys think of this case?