Saturday, November 5, 2011

Missing! please help us find him!

His name is Bobby Senace.
He's b/w 23-26
Last seen wearing: an Adidas Grey and Orange Hoodie with jeans and a black backpack. He had about $200 on him.
He's covered in tattoos
Sometimes wears glasses
 Last seen in the Shumburg and Streamwood area of Illinois.
He's been missing since Thursday at noon. please e-mail jeanne at tutts dot org with any information please!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Michael Jackson Case again

something people haven't picked up or made a point about is when they were introducing all the medication bottles into evidence not only were there multiple bottles of the same type of med, they were filled around the same time by different doctors, but they were also filled at multiple different chains of pharmacies and with fake names.

I think Michael is somewhat responsible for his addiction, however, if there were federal laws against using anything other than your legal name I think a lot of celebrities we have lost recently would still be around.

When I watched them entering all those meds it pissed me off because it's cases like this that make people like me have such a hard time establishing trust with a doctor and vice versa with all that I deal with daily.

 I had a doctor accuse me of pharmacy hopping and being addicted to a medicine when in reality I had stage 4 endometriosis and he wasn't reading notes that were being sent in by my gynecologist just initialing them.  I had several surgeries he had no idea about. Thanks to him, the accusation is forever in my medical record and it screwed me out of a car accident settlement.

People also shouldn't be allowed to get controlled substances like MJ had from multiple doctors/pharmacies.  There should be a federal system that all pharmacies enter prescriptions into to keep the record so that you don't get people "doctor/pharmacy hopping".  If someone tried to get multiple fills of the same med or class of med it would pop up when the pharmacy tried to fill it and make them aware which will lessen the chances of a stockpile of meds  and addiction/accidental overdose.

I was curious why Arnie Klein won't be called to the witness stand. Is it because he'd probably invoke the 5th?  Is there a possibility still of charging him as well?  With it coming out he was dosing MJ several times a week with demerol shots etc., he too is culpable.  I don't know of anything dermatologically needing demerol.    This is turning into a case of the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing and MJ obviously knew what HE was doing.

When I say MJ is partially responsible, I mean for his addiction.  For the actual cause of death Dr. Murray is 100% culpable.  He gave the propofal but really wasn't paying attention to MJ, rather he was too busy making booty calls etc.  The fact that he called one of the women from the ambulance is just jaw dropping.  He used a medicine outside of the setting it is intended for and was able to stockpile it at that.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 1 of Dr. Murray's Trial

Wow. I really wish that I hadn't seen the picture of him dead on the gurney or heard the audio that Dr. Murray recorded on his I-Phone.  It makes you wonder though, why would he record that and why would he keep it?  It really doesn't matter how Michael got addicted and to what, what matters is what happened during the time that Dr. Murray was in charge of his care.

I have had surgery many times with propofol and take lorazepam daily and when doing dental procedures they up the dose of lorazepam aka Ativan to relax me to a point I won't recall the dental visit.  Both of these are done in a medical facility with oxygen and someone monitoring me at all times.

The fact that Michael was taking Demerol shots without Dr. Murray knowing is intriguing.  However, even if he had that shot, that day, Dr. Murray was responsible for Michael's health.  He knew Michael had to be supervised while using propofol yet he decided to leave the room and call his girlfriends.

From my own experience with propofol if used appropriately there is no way Michael could have dosed himself because you go RIGHT out with it.  He wouldn't have woken up during the time Dr. Murray was out of the room, instead, he would stop breathing as was recently showed by a Dr. in a hospital setting.  He put his patient under, and the patient did stop breathing so they immediately got a trach tube in etc.  He stopped breathing under a minute after going under.  Michael didn't have a chance.

It doesn't matter what he gave to him etc.  the fact that he administered something that should be in a hospital setting with no resuscitation equipment etc. and then left him unattended is what is really what matters in the case. He was a cardiologist and didn't know how to do CPR??  He was doing it 1 handed when the security and others came in ON the bed.  Anyone that has been CPR trained knows you move the patient to a hard surface like the floor and it is a 2 handed technique.  I think he did it for appearances knowing Michael was dead.  Asking if anyone else knew CPR? are you kidding me?  He called a ton of people before 911 was called. He was on the phone with one of his girlfriends when he realized what was going on.   Shows how much he truly cared for Michael.  Making a booty call instead of watching over Michael.

It does sound to me that Arnie Klein might also need to be looked into for providing the Demerol.  He had him addicted to it!  Why aren't they going to be calling him in this case?  Is there a case pending against him too?

What do y'all think?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Michael Jackson Case

So they are currently going through the jury questionnaires to see who to try and knock out as potential jurors etc.  It got me wondering... how many of you could put aside everything you know and have heard regarding anything and everything Michael Jackson or Conrad Murray related to just listen to the facts presented in the case and come up with a verdict just based on what is presented in court?

I would like to think I'd be someone that could put everything aside and just go by what's presented in the court room.  Anything can be said or presented outside the courtroom and it could or couldn't be the truth or relevant in a case. I think the only relevant stuff in a case is what's allowed in court in front of the jury.  If it can't go in front of the jury it probably wasn't relevant or legal.

so that begs the question.... could you wipe your mind for a case?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dateline last night- The Day she disappeared

Hi there! Dateline aired a story last night entitled The Day she disappeared. you can find it on their website:

It is about a controversial case here where I live.  I'd love for you to go watch the Dateline segments, then please go to:

Look at all the stuff the jury didn't get to see nor did you via dateline.  Once done, come back here and give me your thoughts.  I'm going to withhold mine for now so as not to bias anything.