Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gotta Get It!

HEY! If you own an ipad, check out that company zoogue in the right sidebar! they have AWESOME cases and accessories! I have been with them since I got the original Ipad and I turned the original in last year to Best Buy so I could get the Ipad Air.  Zoogue did NOT disappoint on having just as cool a case for my new one! NOW, they have an even cooler one about to be released that I just have to have and I was told that my readers could use the code JT30 to get a 20% discount off theirs!  THAT is a deal!  GO FOR IT!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why NOT day cares?

So, given the case in Cobb County, I was talking to my mother who used to work at Kindercare in Cobb County when I was young. Something popped into my mind as a possible solution to lessen the likelihood of kid deaths due to parents forgetting them in cars... not like this case. It's a long shot and would take a lot to implement BUT in the long run could save a lot of babies etc.

If you are in school and late or don't show, they call home to tell you parents.  If you work and don't show when you typically do or at all, most bosses will call to find out what's going on unless you cleared it ahead of time. Why not the same for day cares?

You have a regular group of kids that are to arrive by a certain time and you weren't told anything different about a child's schedule the day before when they were picked up etc.One was say an hour late and it isn't typical of them. I say, implement a system of calling each parent to see if they are running late, the child is sick, or if they won't be there that day.  This way, it initiates an alert of a possible baby in a car situation.

My mom's thoughts were that it is a great idea but it is a lot to ask of a day care to start doing.  Now, I'm not saying it is the day care's fault in ANY of the previous situations AT all. I just think they could help prevent these situations and they might feel better being able to do something to help prevent then trying to do something afterwards to console the family.

What do y'all think?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Just last month I was down there on the set with Vinnie Politan and Mike Brooks having a blast and then I read yesterday that as of July 3 Vinnie will no longer be with HLN!!!! WTF???!!!??? He will be going to the local Atlanta NBC affiliate.

Whomever this new head is over at HLN they are moving things in the WRONG direction!!! We want MORE court room coverage not less!  We want our favorite personalities MORE not GONE! You got rid of Beth Karas and Jean Casarez so rudely it's unspeakable.  You didn't respect them at ALL! Beth had been with y'all for 19 years and y'all don't even give her the decency of giving her notice in person! So RUDE!

We here out on the web, in the courtrooms watching, tweeting, blogging, etc. want to get court tv back! You have now broken the last straw damnit! I'm so glad I went and did that visit to the set last month or it might not have happened at all!  Let me tell you something, Vinnie enjoys his job very much! He didn't tell me that, it was very obvious! In the way he brought us around and showed us the after dark set and where everything was on it, the excitement in his eyes and body language was loud and clear, he wants to do more of it not less!

We want our Court TV back with Beth, Jean, Vinnie, Mike, etc.! We want our court room streams back from 9-5 E. What did you in was all of the commercial breaks! There was more commercial breaks than actual court room coverage! We all eventually turned to the internet for our court streams. Please don't go the way of merging with Vibe or something. Please bring it back to what it was and has been for so many years!

(chants)WE WANT OUR COURT TV(similar to we want our MTV)

There will be protests, petitions, etc. if y'all completely do away with anything court related.

WHO'S WITH ME????????