Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Manchester Bombing

What You Should Be Reading and Posting Instead of Giving Credence to THEM:

Don't post horrid pictures from the few seconds after such a great fun concert for so many kids. Don't post the one who did its name... it glorifies him to his group. Posting the videos and pictures elates them and shows our reactions and helps them plan for the next ones! Don't give them that satisfaction and information!

Instead, post the photos of the beautiful people that attended and will forever be at an Ariana Concert. Remind those affected by this not to harp on the mere moments after the lights came on at the end of the concert, but rather, the awesome time they had singing with Ariana Grande all night! Ask them what songs she sang, what she wore, etc. retrain their minds to remember that part of the night and not the few moments at the end.  

For those performers considering canceling your shows out of fear this might happen again, if you do that, they win! We can't walk around in fear our whole lives that someone might have something they might do or we would never leave our homes. What does this teach those kids that were in that concert that night in Manchester? We need to continue on as if it didn't get to us with beefed up security measures to show the kids it is ok. If we don't, those kids will get the idea that there are bad guys everywhere and we shouldn't leave the house. Don't let THEM win!

I want to praise and thank all of the people from the first responders, to the random people in the venue, the woman at the hotel that took like 50 kids in for safety so parents had a place to g get them, to 33 year old Chris Parker who was minding his business begging for money as he's homeless. He immediately stepped up to help the wounded and had a woman die in his arms. Someone should help him get back on his feet for all he did without being asked! 

After the jump i'll have pictures and info of the lost I have thus far. This has happened before and unless we are clairvoyant it will most probably happen again. But, what we as bloggers and journalists can do is not glorify it by naming suspects, posting their pictures, posting pictures of their acts etc. The less we do it, they will start to realize they mean nothing to us and we will not glorify their stunts and will stop. I can hope anyway....