Thursday, July 21, 2016


A caretaker is trying to work with an autistic patient who got away from the treatment facility they were at and got shot for it! He was on the ground with his hands in the air yelling to the police that he was an unarmed guy and what the situation was. He told them the autistic boy had a toy truck in his hand and that was all. He kept repeating all of this while lying on his back arms in the air and trying to also communicate with his patient.

I do have to say, thank god it was just in the leg and he's still alive. When he asked the cop why he shot him the cop said he didn't know why. WTF?  I think all current officers in the USA .need to watch a few of the Cops marathons they have on spike, epic, and a few other channels some every Saturday. They could learn how it was done before all these senseless cop involved shootings.

There was no reason for this shooting and that officer should lose his badge. Here's a link to a full article and video on it. Thoughts?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Better Options??

7 Lives.....

I have sat here and watched all the videos that have been released on the recent police involved shootings and if there wasn't video I read up on the case as much as I could. Why has it come to reaching for a gun first these days and not a taser to get someone to comply? 

I'm one of these people who's watched COPS since its inception, and I have to say, why do they do it so right and not represent the way the nation should do it? They VERY rarely use their guns and if they do it is to disable the person not to kill them. WTF?

The 7 I say they could have done with tazer instead of deadly force? They are:

Dylan Noble, 19 - Fresno, CA 6/25/2016
Melissa Ventura, 24 - Yuma, AZ 7/5/2016
Alton Sterling, 37 - Baton Rouge, LA 7/5/2016
Philandro Castile, 32 - Falcon Heights, MN 7/6/2016
Abraham Smith, 30 - Tuscon, AZ 7/8/2016
Alva Braziel, 38 - South Houston, TX 7/9/2016
Donald Meyers, 32 - Flagstaff, AZ 7/13/2016

Everyone talks about profiling etc., well, if you look at that list, that's correct, they are profiling people in their 30s these days. This list did not include 4 other shootings for obvious reasons and those are:

Bristol, TN shooting 7/7/2016
Dallas, TX shooting 7/7/2016
Ballwin, Missouri ambush shooting 7/8/2016
Valdosta, GA ambush shooting 7/8/2016

Something has got to change! Non leathal has got to be a police officers first instinct especially after the Bart incident years ago where he confused the tazer and gun and killed someone by accident. The gun should stay in the car and you have to think and take the time to get it.

Those against the police, if you,continue to be angry at the entire system, we will lose the good ones who are protecting our lives. The more you hurt or kill the less we have on the street to help fight off people like the Dallas sniper etc. FYI, Dallas is asking those who are marching to stop in and fill out applications as they really need help.

No civilian needs to build a cache of ammo nor do they need a gun not even used by the police department. While it would be nice, we have come to an era where we can't do that anymore. Please everyone can't we all just get along???

Saturday, July 9, 2016

9 officer involved shootings b/w 7/5/2016 & 7/9/2016

Is this our new America? Is this what my nieces and their kids etc. are looking forward to? I'm outraged at not only the incidents, but by the mere fact not all of them are making main stream media coverage! So I tell you what, I'll report about them all in one post after the jump. I'll give you some sage advice first.

Getting Pulled Over:

  • If you are being pulled over, you have the right to continue to drive to a place you feel safe to stop within reason. Put your hazard lights on so the officer understands this is what you are doing. Everyone in the car remain calm, no sudden movements and hands in clear view at all times.
  • Call 911 & verify this is indeed a true traffic stop. Once verified, if you have a license to carry and a weapon in the vehicle, please relay that to the 911 operator so she can let the officer know before you stop. 
  • Pull over and continue to remain calm with all hands in plain sight. Listen to their directions and let them detain you as its for your safety and theirs until they have the gun secured. If no one resists, the firearm is safe, etc. the traffic stop should go easily telling why you were pulled over etc.
  • If you're driving, and you carry your wallet in a back pocket, pull it out and put it on the center console while you drive. This will alleviate reaching under you and unnecessary scrutiny.
Tape This to Your Steering Wheel:
  • Call 911 to verify, tell where you are planning to stop (put hazard lights on)
  • Tell them there's a gun and you have permit to carry
  • When those blue lights go on, everyone's hands stay in plain sight and everyone stays still.
  • Don't resist detention, as its for your safety as much as theirs.
And now onto the 9 shooting reports after the jump!