Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown, Connecticut

It will never be the same for me!  I lived in nearby town New Fairfield, CT and had to use Danbury Hospital many times during the 7 years I lived there.  This is the 2nd tragedy this year for my classmates and I to have to try and go through.

The first was the deadly shooting at the end of the street I lived on where a 5th grade teacher shot and killed what he thought was an intruder in his sisters house (next door).  Turns out when the police removed the mask it was his very own adopted son.

Now, we have the school shooting in Newton, CT. The one thing I don't understand is, why did he choose those 2 classrooms?  I feel for his brother and father.  I don't think they will ever have answers.  Don't lose sight that they too lost people they loved.

Some of the early reports put out a false facebook of the shooter which ended up being a guy completely not connected.  Turns out, the shooter had his older brothers id with him.  They had just recently changed the security at the school.  It is also reported he tried to gain entry to the school a few days before or the day before. If they didn't recognize you on the camera you have to show an id and sign in.  That is where the confusion at the beginning as to who the shooter really was came from.

Some great hero's came out of this story too!  a 6 year old that was in the classroom where Vicki Soto had been.  He saw his teacher get shot and some of his friends.  He was interviewed by police and he was very good at recalling details etc.  He doesn't yet know that his teacher and those kids have died.  He had the sense of mind to run past the gunman, out the door, and down the street to safety. Way to go!

Vicki Soto was a teacher who had huddled all of her kids behind her to shield her and gave her life trying to protect them.

Another teacher shut and locked the door, pulled the blinds down, huddled everyone in a corner away from the door and read them a book until the police banged on the door saying it was all clear.  They had the sense of mind to instruct the kids to line up, close their eyes, and put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them as they were lead out around some of the bodies etc. so they wouldn't see it.

So sad.  Just so sad.

Thank you to the media for keeping the cameras focused on the firehouse and not on the school while parents were escorted to identify their child and giving them the privacy.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this.

Here's a link to the giveaway of the nail polish color specially done for Newtown and how you can get it if you don't win.