Friday, April 11, 2014

Jodi Arias Penalty Phase Closed Off

Not a lot of people know that there have been a lot of closed door settlement hearings going on to try and get things finished off without the death penalty. Now you know the state won't settle for that.

The defense has won in one sense in that they pushed the punishment phase into 2014 and now it will be past the 1 year mark currently scheduled for sometime in September. I'll believe it when it actually begins. However, due to wins the defense has gotten, there will be no media live in the courtroom during the next phase!

That's right folks! No live tweeting, no live streaming, no nothing.  I've heard there will be about 10 public seats available. I'm not sure the judge realizes what is going to happen by doing this. I tried to attend the Casey Anthony trial for 1 day and it was utter chaos! By starting the Jodi trial with showing everything and then suddenly cutting off any and all information coming out of it is a BAAAAD idea.

The day I went to see the CA trial I arrived at 1:30 and was #5 in line. Security escorted us off court property and showed us where to start the line on public property so we could just turn and walk up to where the actual line started on court property at 6 am. So there we sat and at 5:30 or so he went around giving us instructions on conduct on how we wouldn't run or act like fools etc. and we didn't see him again as it was getting close to 6 am.

We had media all around us at the front of the line.  There was a woman on the court property prior to 6 am claiming she would be first because there was no line as it was up where the sign was etc. We tried very nicely to tell her she was trespassing and the line was behind us.  The security guard was nowhere to be found and this lady just wouldn't quit.  The cameras caught the whole thing.  We remained civil and calmly explained how she was trespassing and at 6 am when we still didn't see security we rounded the pillar and started making our way up to the sign by the court door.

As we did this, the lady tried to angle into the line causing us to quicken our steps etc. I had on flip flops because I'd been sitting out there for almost 5 hours and was going to switch into court shoes once inside.  Someone stepped on the back of my flip flops and made me fall down hard on my knees and hand.  Once this happened all hell broke loose and everyone started running. One or two tried to help before the melee started then they just kept going.

I got up, got my stuff, and then went around to the front and back into where my #5 spot was. I was hurt and in shock etc.  They were all fighting with the woman yelling and screaming at her to get out of line etc. The police finally showed up to deal with her. It was about that time we finally saw the security guard show up again. I was looked at and was made to decide to stay there or get taken to the hospital... 5 hours I sat there only to get taken out thanks to people selling their spots on craigslist as it turned out. It was the day Dr. G was testifyin too damnit! *sigh*


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 Ft. Hood Shooter

4 people dead and 16 injured. Everyone immediately jumped on the bandwagon of he's messed up in the head because he's on all these medicines for depression, sleep problems, alleged PTSD etc. From the outset I told people to wait and let the authorities do their investigation and not to immediately jump to conclusions.
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Flight #MH370

Everyone has an opinion on this including me :) I find it highly suspect that just after the Chinese vessel finds 2 pings spaced apart, the Australian ship carrying the US Intel hears pings and 1 of them 90 minutes prior to a press conference no less!

It's like they are having a pissing contest to see who can find the better Intel faster. Honestly? I'm with the families in that until something is physically found, I'm not buying into anything. I don't even watch any of the coverage anymore.

CNN has nothing better to do than to speculate all day about what could have happened, where, who coulda done what etc. thing is, the people that know aren't talking. Come on, you know the military of those various countries heard more pings and saw them on radar longer than they have publicly said!

Do you REALLY think they sat there with that info and did nothing for 12 hours CNN regarding the 1st ping? NO! They just don't publicly say what all they do because it would compromise the investigation! The reason we found out about it so quickly prior to the Australian authorities talking was because of media on the ship. At the same time the media leaked it though, the Chinese authorities were calling the Australians to let them know what was going on.

The media now needs to back away and let them do what they do best and investigate! leave the families alone to grieve and figure out what they want to do next. Stop harassing them! Were you in their shoes would you like the way you are treating them? You have proven you can be trusted, just back off and they will come to you when they are ready.

I'm considering starting an Anti-CNN broadcast with my youtube channel but dunno if peeps would watch it.... lemme know what y'all think below!