Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jury Tampering

I've been attending the Jason Young trial off and on for the past 4 weeks in person. Some people in the media (not all and in this case they know who they are) made some broad and baseless assumptions that it sure is nice I have all this free time on my hands to be able to attend a trial in person.

If you don't know me or live in my house NEVER make assumptions on why I might be attending a trial in person and or have all the time to do this etc.  While this was the 3rd trial, 2nd in this area, this year I attended in person, I've been lucky to be able to.

Appearances can be deceiving.  Anything I attend in person is because I have followed the case from day 1 and want to see all the evidence live if I have the time as it is neat. I can currently attend trials during the day during the week thanks to the lovely economy tank 2 years ago that hit the Administrative Assistant field the worst and still hasn't regained.  Yup!  Unemployed and not on unemployment.  Would hate to have people assume I was taking advantage of the system or something.

I have been trying for the last over 2 years to gain employment only succeeding for a short time 2 summers ago with the lovely Census Bureau!  Resume after resume sent out and interview after interview still goose egg on offers.

My loving husband is in an industry that makes it ok for me to be able to take the time to look for the right job etc. unlike most in my industry have. Thanks to a great year with his current company he got an awesome bonus and raise at the end of the year! The year prior we had to sell one of our 2 cars due to the switch from his previous job to the new company as it was contractor status much longer than it should have been and we ended up having to for the first time in 13 years paying for health insurance up the wazoo on our own until he was signed... a lapse of 6 months b/w companies.

So we currently have 1 car, no a/c or heat on the main floor where our bedroom is (for over 2 years), etc. but we are rolling in dough! At least from the outside looking in people make that assumption.  Most days Bill goes to work and I'm stranded at home all day all week.  We decided for this trial I would drop him off on my way to court and pick him up on my way home at the end of the day.

I do not work for a newspaper or tv news station, I'm just a lover of true crime and have been for 18 years. I was sitting in court as an observer and tweeting for those who couldn't be there and wanted to know what was up. Contrary to this time last year I'm not affiliated with anything to do with the Brad Cooper case. Any protests etc. have nothing to do with me.

At the lunch break I left court for the day not talking to anyone.  I come home to find out a few hours later that someone had approached a juror and tried to strike up a conversation on the Jason Young case I had been attending.

I will not publicly say who I thought it was as I don't know the persons name and they were only there for 1 day out of 4 weeks of the trial and probably did it as a not thinking at the time thing. I will emphatically say it was NOT me.  Apparently though the vibe I've gotten is that was the assumption since I never came back after the lunch break.

I would -NEVER- approach someone with a juror badge period. I waited in the courtroom for a period of time to make sure if they were taking elevators or were in the elevator lobby they were gone before I left. If I am out in the lobby and there is anyone involved with the case waiting for elevators etc. I stand away from the elevators and wait until the lobby is clear and then call for an elevator so no possibility of that situation.

Why after being there for 4 weeks would I suddenly decide to try and talk to a juror? I think it was an honest mistake by the person that just wasn't thinking. Yesterday was their first day at the court house etc. that's all I will say on it. my leaving yesterday had to do with something personal and I had no idea about the juror attempt until well after I got home.

When I came in the court room this morning the vibe was very strange and came off as everyone surprised I returned after I tried to talk to a juror yesterday etc. I sat there all morning with a reporter that I know loathes me sitting next to me on one side out of the blue and a detective sliding in on the other side during the defense closings. I just kept waiting for LE to tap me on the shoulder or something to come with them. That's what it seriously felt like!

So I im'd my husband at work(his first day back this week since being out sick) telling him I was heading home as soon as the lunch break started. I asked if he wanted me to stop and pick him up as we only have the one car(I dropped him off there on the way to court) and he said yes. He's still feelin icky so it was a great timing for him to come home and work from home.

Only a few times in my life have I had my integrity questioned like that and I was shocked. My integrity is everything to me.

Life is short, don't waste it with anger/assumptions/ etc. live it to your fullest and happiest. Unless you are in the situation, don't jump to conclusions without all the facts.

I'm currently in the process, thanks to my husbands bonus and raise at the end of last year, updating and upgrading my home studio for my partnered Youtube channel and the photography for my nail blog!

Peace and love.

The Jason Young Trial

I feel I need to do this as a blog post so I can just post it all at once and can paste the url to it on my twitter and facebook for people asking my thoughts as it winds down.

When I first heard about the murder and Meredith finding her after Jason asked her to go get those papers I, like many people, immediately felt he did it and how sick and twisted that was to make her sister find her.

After sitting through 2 weeks in court and 2 at my tv watching all the evidence, reactions, etc. I know this won't be liked by some people, but, as an outside observer knowing everything, waaaaay too much reasonable doubt. I can see why the last deadlock happened.

I left the courthouse today with my opinion completely changed from 11/06. There's no physical evidence connecting him. no blood anywhere, no marks, no dog prints in blood.

I believe the postal worker's observations.

This incident happened within 5 miles of another case where they zero'd in on the husband and ignored anything that didn't fit their idea of what happened. That verdict was guilty to a husband that is innocent.

Let me tell those of you that don't live in this area, the Cary Police, wake county sheriffs, and SBI are all under investigation for how they collect evidence etc. It is these same groups that have made it so Michael Peterson is able to be out on bail and get a new trial. they actually did a wide sweep of firings due to it.

Now, I'm not saying Jason isn't an inconsiderate and adultering asshole. But that doesn't equal murder. It also doesn't mean he couldn't have hired someone else to do it which I could go with given the observations of the Postal Worker. There has been talk of a suspicious white working van before in one of the other cases.

Anyone consider the 2 in the smaller type suv (which I thought in my mind like a toyota rav 4 or something) at the edge of the driveway might be a scorned fling and husband or male friend? It's an avenue never traveled. Not saying it was just throwing out other possibilities.

Bottom line is this. It was a horrible incident to a wonderful woman and her unborn son. I think that due to the inept LE in this area we will never know what really happened. While Jason was an ass of a man to her, it doesn't make him a murderer. I feel for the Fisher family and Michelle's friends etc. but based on the evidence or lack there of, he didn't do this.