Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More on George Zimmerman case

You know, why does the court bother sealing the jurors information if they are just going to come out and do interviews within days of the verdicts? Juror B37 keeps talking to Anderson Cooper.  The more she says the more pissed off I get she was able to stealth her way onto the jury as a stealth juror.  Come on! Her husband was a lawyer! They are already in talks of writing a book together from the vantage points of juror and a lawyer. *rhe* PUHLEASE! I bet that deal was made when she got called back but before she got sworn in!

She doesn't think he should have done everything he did leading up to the shooting.  HELLO! If he never left his car there never would have been a case to begin with!  I really do feel sorry that 4 of the other jurors felt they had to release a statement saying she doesn't speak for them and 1 has continued to stay silent because they wanted to be completely left alone afterwards.  I wonder if that was the one that wanted to find him guilty of something.

I have said that I respect their decision that they came to with what they were given. I don't agree with it and I don't have to.  I also don't have to shove my opinion down others throats and I don't and won't. I choose not to go rioting in the streets trashing establishments windows etc. Those that do damage others property due to their disagreeing with the verdict are no better than George Zimmerman pulling that trigger.  You can protest peacefully without damaging others property.  Trayvon wouldn't want you to protest like this.  His family has asked for everything to be done peacefully.

Think before you act! Trayvon wasn't a thug, he was a 17 year old kid just trying to get back to his dad's home with his bag of skittles and drink.  btw the new craze of "Trayvoning" is very distasteful. Seriously?? Come on people? Think before you act!

Peace and love.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin- George Zimmerman found not guilty

So, I had an open mind when this case started.  I was willing to believe George Zimmerman was innocent until some evidence was shown to me that told me otherwise.  While you may not like Trayvon's friend Rachel, I think she had the truest version of what happened.  Being the age she was and the fact she was the last to talk to him prior to being shot, she was traumatized very badly.  That is why she didn't want to get involved.  She was involved with drugs and alcohol and it appears still is.  She is in deep need of therapy and help to deal with the obvious tremendous guilt she feels for being the last to talk to Trayvon etc.

When I heard the non emergency calls from the months that led up to the incident I distinctly heard 2 of them where he was in his car in the middle of the night.  He stayed in his car but followed the out of place boys to the back gate and noted each time they ended up in the neighborhood behind theirs by the time the cops got there.  In one call he even told that to the operator that they should have someone respond to that neighborhood and his.

When he made these calls, he started them all with almost the same exact script of "um yeah, hi we've had a lot of break ins in our neighborhood recently and I'm part of the neighborhood watch and there are these suspicious guys.. etc."  there were never any other descriptions of guys other than black.  He knew what to say having been the point person for the neighborhood to set up the neighborhood watch with the police person that does the presentation on what it is about and the dos and don'ts etc.

He also had 167 hours of class time in criminal justice classes which included time on self defense/stand your ground.  The teacher of that class said he was a great student and was very inquisitive. they didn't just go over that subject once in the class and drop it, the teacher brought up scenarios all the time.  He referred to his gun as his firearm not a gun.  He used police jargon. He said he holstered his firearm.

If you recall on the call that evening he told the operator he was following Trayvon and was told he didn't have to so he said he was heading back to his car.  At one point he said he was looking for an address, street etc. for the police officers coming in to tell them where he was.  There are only 3 roads in that complex and he had lived there for YEARS.  He said he was attacked when heading back to his truck, but if this was true, why would he tell the operator to have them call his cell and he would tell them where he was?

In the past he never got out of his car, he always followed them to the back gate with his vehicle and stayed in it, so why the change this time? because they always got away!  he was looking for where he disappeared to. He wasn't returning to his truck.  He was tracking Trayvon.

Had he done the same as he'd done in the past, none of this would have happened.  He did.  The jury looked at all the evidence and delivered their verdict.  We have to respect their verdict.  We don't have to agree or like it but it is their verdict.

Let me put out there that saying nasty things like bad things should happen to lawyers, witness', or any players in any court cases etc.? that can get you arrested and possibly  dealing with the FBI.  They are watching and they do take it seriously.  Look at the kid that thought it was ok to post what he thought was a joke regarding a school near him who spent time in jail and just got out on bail.  Posting people's real addresses, phone numbers, google earth pictures of their houses, pictures of their family members, etc. all not ok.  Don't take the law into your own hands. That is all illegal and uncool.

If you would like to do something peaceful regarding the verdict, how about put on a hoodie (not over your head just on), go to your local food mart(gas station market), pick out your favorite non alcoholic drink, pick up a bag of skittles or a bag of candy of your choice, pay for it of course, when you get outside put your hoodie on and walk home minding your own business. Don't listen to what anyone says or does.  Finish what Trayvon couldn't.