Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Jodi Arias Trial

So I guess that this Wednesday will be the start of week 12 with only 2 days.  This is getting ridiculous! Maybe like the Sandusky case, they should start having court on the weekend.

So like most other trials that interest me, I have a chat room on facebook.  But, due to some debby downers, it's now secret as will any other room I create for real time chatting during a trial that is live streaming.  If you aren't already in it, you probably won't be in it.

People question my intelligence and or my knowledge of cases and or the law. These are the same people that sit behind their computer screens all day instead of getting out and actually attending a few of these interesting cases as I have done.   They are also the ones that apparently aren't so interested in the case that they have never been to a crime scene or places associated with the cases.  My youtube channel proves that for me.

I think that Jodi is a sociopath that upon learning she wasn't going to Cancun with Travis, plotted to kill him.  She stole her grandfathers gun 2 weeks prior, got gas cans so she wouldn't have to stop, etc.  Has anyone considered that the 3rd gas can was used to burn all of the evidence out in the desert?

I still wonder about the roommates of Travis not needing to do their clothes, being able to walk by his room and not be suspicious as Mimi said they could smell death as soon as they opened the front door. There is evidence out there that a roommate was going to use the clothes washer but saw clothes in there and went up to talk to Travis.  There is a sneaker impression in the blood on the tile no one has talked about.  Was Jodi conspiring with a roommate and that is who dragged him back to the shower?

Another thing to think about, a video came out recently of Travis speaking of an attack that sounds eerily similar to the one Jodi described as the "Ninja Attack" her 2nd story.  The way she looks in the video draped over him and not really engaged in the conversation or the people around.  She wanted him all to herself but he was happy sitting there telling his story.  he obviously DID show PDA as per that video.

Oh and I had another thought... we've never heard from Victor Arias or his family.  We have seen no pictures.  Anyone else find it convenient he has her last name... and what some don't know is Travis' middle name was Victor!  How was she doing an exchange program when she wasn't in school? Just some things to think about.

She did it, she's admitted to it, and she's showing no remorse.  She's begging for the jury to save her life through her testimony.  I think that like Casey Anthony would have had she been convicted,  she's having too much fun in jail and has turned to the girly side.  She still doesn't get we all see through her act.

Onward and upwards until the next day of trial.....