Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's Happened to Standard Protocol?

Ok see in 2009 we had to go through temperature taking etc. measures before we could disembark from our 22 day cruise from Vancouver when we got to Beijing. They started the night before and my husbands was up so they made him stay and drink a bottle of water then recheck. He was also put on a list to be rechecked in the morning before we could leave. This is a very fast, easy, and painless process done with a laser thermometer.

 Any international flights should have this process when those people are going through customs! Show ur passport, get your forehead scanned! You should be asked if you have traveled outside the US in the last 30 days like I am every single time I go to the Dr. Why has this practice dropped off? You should be worried if you are in an ER or Dr.s office and aren't asked that!

How could that nurse have been allowed to fly prior to the 21 day quarantine? I know it is an inconvenience and frustrating, but would you rather be inconvenienced and alive or infected with this really bad illness that takes all your dignity before it kills you if they can't save you in time?


If your were on Frontier Flight #1143 Cleveland-Dallas on October 13 or know someone that was, the CDC would like to talk to you.  There were 132 passengers on that flight.  Please call the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at 1-800-CDC-INFO. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Car Seat Makers Listen Up!

So, it's come out the day car center that the Harris' used had an e-mail system they used to let the parents know their child wasn't there.  Well, the parents didn't get it.  Maybe they might want to think of changing to a phone system. Especially since daddy had to have gotten his since he was busy on his phone sexting 6 women throughout the day!

I thought of an easy and cheap way for baby seat makers to help the epidemic going on right now of kids being left in cars. What do you guys think about them adding something that is attached onto both sides of the car seat that has a nice long 1/2 thick plastic "rope" that will go as far as 2 feet and at the other end will be a nice comfortable vecro bracelet for whomever is in the front seats to wear to remind them that there is a kidlet in the seat behind them.

I mean seriously, we have the case in Cobb County, GA, and now this one I just found 4 month old left in car during funeral  I mean come on! Seriously! What do you guys think?   It really can't be that expensive! could do fashionable colors, etc. Lemme know your thoughts!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gotta Get It!

HEY! If you own an ipad, check out that company zoogue in the right sidebar! they have AWESOME cases and accessories! I have been with them since I got the original Ipad and I turned the original in last year to Best Buy so I could get the Ipad Air.  Zoogue did NOT disappoint on having just as cool a case for my new one! NOW, they have an even cooler one about to be released that I just have to have and I was told that my readers could use the code JT30 to get a 20% discount off theirs!  THAT is a deal!  GO FOR IT!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why NOT day cares?

So, given the case in Cobb County, I was talking to my mother who used to work at Kindercare in Cobb County when I was young. Something popped into my mind as a possible solution to lessen the likelihood of kid deaths due to parents forgetting them in cars... not like this case. It's a long shot and would take a lot to implement BUT in the long run could save a lot of babies etc.

If you are in school and late or don't show, they call home to tell you parents.  If you work and don't show when you typically do or at all, most bosses will call to find out what's going on unless you cleared it ahead of time. Why not the same for day cares?

You have a regular group of kids that are to arrive by a certain time and you weren't told anything different about a child's schedule the day before when they were picked up etc.One was say an hour late and it isn't typical of them. I say, implement a system of calling each parent to see if they are running late, the child is sick, or if they won't be there that day.  This way, it initiates an alert of a possible baby in a car situation.

My mom's thoughts were that it is a great idea but it is a lot to ask of a day care to start doing.  Now, I'm not saying it is the day care's fault in ANY of the previous situations AT all. I just think they could help prevent these situations and they might feel better being able to do something to help prevent then trying to do something afterwards to console the family.

What do y'all think?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Just last month I was down there on the set with Vinnie Politan and Mike Brooks having a blast and then I read yesterday that as of July 3 Vinnie will no longer be with HLN!!!! WTF???!!!??? He will be going to the local Atlanta NBC affiliate.

Whomever this new head is over at HLN they are moving things in the WRONG direction!!! We want MORE court room coverage not less!  We want our favorite personalities MORE not GONE! You got rid of Beth Karas and Jean Casarez so rudely it's unspeakable.  You didn't respect them at ALL! Beth had been with y'all for 19 years and y'all don't even give her the decency of giving her notice in person! So RUDE!

We here out on the web, in the courtrooms watching, tweeting, blogging, etc. want to get court tv back! You have now broken the last straw damnit! I'm so glad I went and did that visit to the set last month or it might not have happened at all!  Let me tell you something, Vinnie enjoys his job very much! He didn't tell me that, it was very obvious! In the way he brought us around and showed us the after dark set and where everything was on it, the excitement in his eyes and body language was loud and clear, he wants to do more of it not less!

We want our Court TV back with Beth, Jean, Vinnie, Mike, etc.! We want our court room streams back from 9-5 E. What did you in was all of the commercial breaks! There was more commercial breaks than actual court room coverage! We all eventually turned to the internet for our court streams. Please don't go the way of merging with Vibe or something. Please bring it back to what it was and has been for so many years!

(chants)WE WANT OUR COURT TV(similar to we want our MTV)

There will be protests, petitions, etc. if y'all completely do away with anything court related.

WHO'S WITH ME????????

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mommy that gave birth in bar Sentenced!

You guys remember this story yeah?  Amanda Hein, 27, was having fun with friends in a pub in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania last fall when she excused herself to use the restroom.  She'd been gone for a while and the friends kept texting her since it'd been almost 40 minutes but she never responds.

Instead, she gives birth to a healthy living baby boy and trying to figure out what to do. She does what any mother would do in this scenario and grabs a plastic bag, smother the kid, wrap him in the bag, then place him in the toilet tank!

She finally returns to her friends with blood stains all over and asked them to ignore it.  Ummmm yeah, sorry I couldn't just ignore that! So anyhoo she was sentenced last month after pleading guilty to life in prison.

A lot of people are asking is this fair? I say a resounding hells yeah! Now she can sit and think every single day about what she did and wonder what could have been, what he would look like at certain ages etc. I think that's more torture personally than anything else.

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Day with Vinnie Politan

Since so many have asked I decided to do a little blog to explain how it came about. Vinnie and I have been in contact for quite some time and have tried to meet up but the timing has never worked. I was coming down to celebrate my fathers 73rd birthday so I asked Vinnie if there was anything special we could do for him.

He said " Be here at 11:30, I'll show you around before we got live from 12-2.  We'll have you in the studio the first hour then you can go in the control room the 2nd hour which I have never even done! After that I'll show you around a little more before I have to go to a meeting to finish things off!"

See more after the jump! Including pictures!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Joran Van Der Sloot

Father to be a 2nd time?

Back in October 2012, it was widely reported that Joran was going to marry Leidy Figueroa Uceda. At the time, she was rumored to be pregnant with his child as well, but he wouldn't confirm it. You can see this in this USA Today Article regarding it.

Now there are reports that again Joran is planning to marry in May or June to a Leydi Carol Figueroa Uceda. She's 5 months pregnant carrying a boy and wouldn't you know, has a 2 year old boy from a "previous" relationship! Here's an article regarding the most recent story.

The only differences in the name is the spelling of the first name and adding Carol in the midldle. I believe it to be the same woman. Wow. He has this girl SNOWED!  Does she not realize WHY he is in jail? He's using her so that he won't get extradited! As soon as they marry he can't get extradited! 

I can't believe I'm the first person to put two and two together about this! Y'all it's the same girl and both kids are his! Beth Twitty better do something REAL quick before he marries if she wants to get some resolve from the extortion case in Alabama!

What do y'all think???

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jodi Arias Penalty Phase Closed Off

Not a lot of people know that there have been a lot of closed door settlement hearings going on to try and get things finished off without the death penalty. Now you know the state won't settle for that.

The defense has won in one sense in that they pushed the punishment phase into 2014 and now it will be past the 1 year mark currently scheduled for sometime in September. I'll believe it when it actually begins. However, due to wins the defense has gotten, there will be no media live in the courtroom during the next phase!

That's right folks! No live tweeting, no live streaming, no nothing.  I've heard there will be about 10 public seats available. I'm not sure the judge realizes what is going to happen by doing this. I tried to attend the Casey Anthony trial for 1 day and it was utter chaos! By starting the Jodi trial with showing everything and then suddenly cutting off any and all information coming out of it is a BAAAAD idea.

The day I went to see the CA trial I arrived at 1:30 and was #5 in line. Security escorted us off court property and showed us where to start the line on public property so we could just turn and walk up to where the actual line started on court property at 6 am. So there we sat and at 5:30 or so he went around giving us instructions on conduct on how we wouldn't run or act like fools etc. and we didn't see him again as it was getting close to 6 am.

We had media all around us at the front of the line.  There was a woman on the court property prior to 6 am claiming she would be first because there was no line as it was up where the sign was etc. We tried very nicely to tell her she was trespassing and the line was behind us.  The security guard was nowhere to be found and this lady just wouldn't quit.  The cameras caught the whole thing.  We remained civil and calmly explained how she was trespassing and at 6 am when we still didn't see security we rounded the pillar and started making our way up to the sign by the court door.

As we did this, the lady tried to angle into the line causing us to quicken our steps etc. I had on flip flops because I'd been sitting out there for almost 5 hours and was going to switch into court shoes once inside.  Someone stepped on the back of my flip flops and made me fall down hard on my knees and hand.  Once this happened all hell broke loose and everyone started running. One or two tried to help before the melee started then they just kept going.

I got up, got my stuff, and then went around to the front and back into where my #5 spot was. I was hurt and in shock etc.  They were all fighting with the woman yelling and screaming at her to get out of line etc. The police finally showed up to deal with her. It was about that time we finally saw the security guard show up again. I was looked at and was made to decide to stay there or get taken to the hospital... 5 hours I sat there only to get taken out thanks to people selling their spots on craigslist as it turned out. It was the day Dr. G was testifyin too damnit! *sigh*


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 Ft. Hood Shooter

4 people dead and 16 injured. Everyone immediately jumped on the bandwagon of he's messed up in the head because he's on all these medicines for depression, sleep problems, alleged PTSD etc. From the outset I told people to wait and let the authorities do their investigation and not to immediately jump to conclusions.
Check after the jump for more of my story!

Flight #MH370

Everyone has an opinion on this including me :) I find it highly suspect that just after the Chinese vessel finds 2 pings spaced apart, the Australian ship carrying the US Intel hears pings and 1 of them 90 minutes prior to a press conference no less!

It's like they are having a pissing contest to see who can find the better Intel faster. Honestly? I'm with the families in that until something is physically found, I'm not buying into anything. I don't even watch any of the coverage anymore.

CNN has nothing better to do than to speculate all day about what could have happened, where, who coulda done what etc. thing is, the people that know aren't talking. Come on, you know the military of those various countries heard more pings and saw them on radar longer than they have publicly said!

Do you REALLY think they sat there with that info and did nothing for 12 hours CNN regarding the 1st ping? NO! They just don't publicly say what all they do because it would compromise the investigation! The reason we found out about it so quickly prior to the Australian authorities talking was because of media on the ship. At the same time the media leaked it though, the Chinese authorities were calling the Australians to let them know what was going on.

The media now needs to back away and let them do what they do best and investigate! leave the families alone to grieve and figure out what they want to do next. Stop harassing them! Were you in their shoes would you like the way you are treating them? You have proven you can be trusted, just back off and they will come to you when they are ready.

I'm considering starting an Anti-CNN broadcast with my youtube channel but dunno if peeps would watch it.... lemme know what y'all think below!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Justin Bieber BUSTED!

ok,ok, we all know, the Biebs was busted for dui, drag racing, etc. When arrested, he admitted he'd been drinking, smoking weed, and taken prescription drugs.  He cussed out the arresting officer as well. Mind you, he is 19 years old. But, I will tell you, he hasn't hit rock bottom.  As the way it goes, someone has to hit rock bottom before they can see things clearly and start to pick themselves up etc.

For Bieber to hit rock bottom he would need to be deported, lose his contract with his good buddy Scooter, lose any and all friends he still has... even the hangers on like the lil's, lose all properties and vehicles he has ever bought, and end up in jail for years, not days, weeks, or months.

However, the fact that when he was arrested he had an invalid GA license is interesting. I guess because he was working in the US he gets a Visa so he's able to obtain a SS# and license that way but still. This should be a case as to why it shouldn't be quite so easy to get things in the USA on a Visa.

Rumor has it he was crying while behind bars and I can believe it given his mugshots.  They can say so much! Here I've got them below to point some stuff out:

(don't shoot the blogger but he also kinda looks like E.T.)

When he left the jail he pulled a Michael Jackson and got up on his black SUV and waved to all his fans.... not sure what he was trying to do but the tying together b/w the two incidents if he really thinks about it might not have been the wisest. Try being yourself Justin, not mirroring the greats... be a great yourself for something worthy of being a great.

He has since left via a private jet. Hopefully, you know better than to leave the USA because if you leave, you will have one hell of a time getting back into the USA with all you have done.  Good luck with whatever comes next.  I hope that maybe you were taken to someplace to get help and decompress. Obviously, if your mom is giving you meds that you don't know what they are and your dad was helping you by blocking off the roads the other night you need someone else with your best interest at heart.  Where has Scooter been through all this? I think if anyone would, he would. 

What do y'all think?