Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Serial Killer Joseph Franklin Executed

After several delays, Joseph Paul Franklin was executed for the 1977 murder of  Gerald Gordon outside a Synagogue in St. Louis. He was blamed for the deaths of 22 people b/w 1977 and 1980 in an attempt to start a race war..  He is also responsible for the attempted assassinations  Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt in 1978 and civil rights leader Vernon Jordan in 1980.

Flynt actually tried for clemency for Franklin but found out today, he doesn't have pull everywhere. Franklin was never arrested or charged in the shooting that ultimately left Flynt paralyzed and in a wheelchair for life. I actually don't have much to write on this case because there is a much better report done on it by Beth Karas of

You can find that interview here.  She humanized him so well with this interview and I think it was because she had interviewed him so long ago immediately after the trial. This is an interview you MUST go listen to. I came out with a different perspective on someone that was a self proclaimed white supremacist etc.  I only wish they had done more.  This interview was done 8 days ago.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dr. Martin MacNeill's Trial

This case was so strange for so many reasons! Every time I thought I had heard it all, something new would come out with a bang!

For those that don't know the case, Dr. Martin MacNeill was accused of killing his wife after she had a face lift and the motive was his apparent mistress Jillian/Gypsy Willis. His wife Michele, had been found dead in her bathtub by her then 6 year old daughter Ava.

That on its own was horrific and I believe that like Jayson Young planned for his sister in law sent her to find her pregnant sister dead, Martin set it up so that 6 year old Ava would be the one to find her mommy dead in the bathtub.

What a lot of people didn't make a big deal of during the trial was that Gypsy wasn't the only one that Martin had an affair with #1, and #2 Michele KNEW about  Gypsy and confronted Martin about her.  That is why I believe she got killed. Doesn't matter how, the motive is a big part of it. Most cases you hear of, the spouse doesn't know about the other woman etc. She probably asked for a divorce during that confrontation so that's why he pushed for the face lift surgery etc.            

 More after the jump about touchier parts of the story

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Michael Skakel Gets New Trial

Everyone and their mom have been up in arms at him getting awarded a new trial.  They say it's because he's a "Kennedy".  I thought it was unusual when I first heard why he had been awarded the new trial on why he had gotten it. Nancy Grace on the other hand acted like she took it personally because it was such a slap in the face against a good buddy of hers Mickey Sherman the original defense attorney.  It was like he was a god who could do no wrong. (like Cher in "Mermaids") SNAP OUTTA IT! Everyone slips up once in a while. Every good lawyer messes up a case or two. This just got noticed more because of the high profile client.

I find it very interesting that the new defense  lawyers are asking why they never really looked into the brother Tommy who was not ONLY the last one to be seen with her, but they had been seen kissing and falling together behind the fence by the pool in the Skakel backyard at around 9:30. Why would Michael be trying to throw his own brother under the bus now? Were I a family member, I wouldn't stand for it, unless it were true...

Is there a way to go back and look for touch DNA with the technology we have these days? Everyone is so insistent Michael is innocent, but no one is saying anything about Tommy. Maybe, for the last 10 years, Michael has served Tommy's time in jail, and if so, that's just sad for his kid. Interesting little tidbit btw, Tommy's daddy forbade access to Tommy's academic and medical records so the police just moved on? Sounds a bit sketchy to me.

What about the tutor that had started with the Skakel's only hours before the murder, Kenneth Littleton? I don't think there is anything to him though. They just basically ruled him out since he'd only been with the family a few hours. This was not all botched by Mickey Sherman though NG, so you can calm down... someone turn her mic off please.

Seems to me, there was a lot of errors with the police investigation, the crime scene was probably contaminated, and being that the supposed suspects were "Kennedy's" I doubt you'll ever figure out for sure what happened.  Especially with the father refusing access to medical and academic records... umm subpoena?  Seems to me the investigators let a lot slip because of who the suspects were.

It wouldn't surprise me if they let him out of jail on bond because Michael Peterson (known as the staircase murders.. the author, etc. convicted of killing his wife and it is assumed he killed the family friend in Europe the same way) got granted a new trial thanks to the inept state bureau of investigation here in NC.  Someone got caught being fraudulent so any cases he worked on any evidence he worked on in those cases are null and void. Yup, he did ALL the evidence that convicts Peterson so he'll probably walk free for 2 murders unless Europe goes after him. Anyway, he's been out on house arrest for several years waiting his new trial. Never say never! It can happen!

So, what do you guys think? Did you see the 48 hours special?  Did it get you thinking at all? I'm not saying Mickey Sherman didn't gab with the media too much and give the gallery too much attention, but that doesn't affect how he is as a lawyer.  Mickey Sherman is a fabulous lawyer that has done many a case over the years to prove that. This is a huge travesty what they are doing to his reputation.