Monday, March 9, 2015

My Thoughts on Jodi Arias Verdict

So, if you follow me on Twitter @@TrueCrimeJeanne my initial prediction was Wednesday March 4th, 2015 after lunch. That obviously didn't happen. However, as things continued on, things I predicted, did come true including the final outcome. Follow after the break if you'd like to see the clues that I saw that told me what was gonna be said Thursday am and why. I'll also tell you why JSS ought to have sanctions due to the obvious agenda she had from the getgo. I know not everyone likes to read all that.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Verdict Watch

Hi there! I thought I'd give you something to read while you PATIENTLY wait for the verdict. What y'all need to realize is that this jury say in that courtroom for 4 months. They have a lot of stuff to go through. If they had already come back, it wouldn't have been a very trustworthy and honest jury. They  didn't have the luxury of the guilt phase of the trial but they have all that evidence they are afforded that they can go through.

We're it I, I would want to start from day 1 and go through all evidence we have no matter what and work through it and see what we want to say we want to consider or not consider towards or eventual verdict. That's gonna take a while. Please don't take it out on the jury for taking their time. This is a huge case and a lot is weighing on their decision. You want them to take their time so that it can't be overturned due to some jury problem. You want them to think the full thing through.

You also have to think about this, they don't get to know everything the public gets to know. Give them their time and I'm betting they will be fair and just. My guess is Wednesday, March 4, 2015 after lunch. Don't be mad at them. Be mad at the one that made this all happen. Feel free to use the icon on my Twitter @truecrimejeanne to show support to Travis and his family. People have also asked to use the hashtag #J4TA instead of those for IT so she no longer gets the attention and it now switches to him.



Yesterday, a site on Facebook posted something that started a shitstorm and I got dragged in after saying I could see both sides and claiming how some people could be frustrated. I was then hit with this "@juanstie: @TrueCrimeJeanne @TrialDiariesJ @SlaterLeslie @SprayCanAnn  Yet you benefited from Jen going to court everyday. Way to support her." This extremely hurt me like no one will ever know.

Excuse me but I have supported Jen via tweets weekly since prior to her previous project. I don't support Court Chatter because they banned me for the mention of my dare with Wildabouttrials. Anyone daring to mention any other stream site on theirs gets banned. Meanwhile on Facebook I would point people to both the, and WAT prior to fining out bout the ban.