Monday, July 7, 2014

Car Seat Makers Listen Up!

So, it's come out the day car center that the Harris' used had an e-mail system they used to let the parents know their child wasn't there.  Well, the parents didn't get it.  Maybe they might want to think of changing to a phone system. Especially since daddy had to have gotten his since he was busy on his phone sexting 6 women throughout the day!

I thought of an easy and cheap way for baby seat makers to help the epidemic going on right now of kids being left in cars. What do you guys think about them adding something that is attached onto both sides of the car seat that has a nice long 1/2 thick plastic "rope" that will go as far as 2 feet and at the other end will be a nice comfortable vecro bracelet for whomever is in the front seats to wear to remind them that there is a kidlet in the seat behind them.

I mean seriously, we have the case in Cobb County, GA, and now this one I just found 4 month old left in car during funeral  I mean come on! Seriously! What do you guys think?   It really can't be that expensive! could do fashionable colors, etc. Lemme know your thoughts!