Saturday, January 25, 2014

Justin Bieber BUSTED!

ok,ok, we all know, the Biebs was busted for dui, drag racing, etc. When arrested, he admitted he'd been drinking, smoking weed, and taken prescription drugs.  He cussed out the arresting officer as well. Mind you, he is 19 years old. But, I will tell you, he hasn't hit rock bottom.  As the way it goes, someone has to hit rock bottom before they can see things clearly and start to pick themselves up etc.

For Bieber to hit rock bottom he would need to be deported, lose his contract with his good buddy Scooter, lose any and all friends he still has... even the hangers on like the lil's, lose all properties and vehicles he has ever bought, and end up in jail for years, not days, weeks, or months.

However, the fact that when he was arrested he had an invalid GA license is interesting. I guess because he was working in the US he gets a Visa so he's able to obtain a SS# and license that way but still. This should be a case as to why it shouldn't be quite so easy to get things in the USA on a Visa.

Rumor has it he was crying while behind bars and I can believe it given his mugshots.  They can say so much! Here I've got them below to point some stuff out:

(don't shoot the blogger but he also kinda looks like E.T.)

When he left the jail he pulled a Michael Jackson and got up on his black SUV and waved to all his fans.... not sure what he was trying to do but the tying together b/w the two incidents if he really thinks about it might not have been the wisest. Try being yourself Justin, not mirroring the greats... be a great yourself for something worthy of being a great.

He has since left via a private jet. Hopefully, you know better than to leave the USA because if you leave, you will have one hell of a time getting back into the USA with all you have done.  Good luck with whatever comes next.  I hope that maybe you were taken to someplace to get help and decompress. Obviously, if your mom is giving you meds that you don't know what they are and your dad was helping you by blocking off the roads the other night you need someone else with your best interest at heart.  Where has Scooter been through all this? I think if anyone would, he would. 

What do y'all think?