Saturday, December 14, 2013

1 year anniversary

Today will mark 1 year ago a man changed the town of Newtown, CT forever.

I will be doing a photo memorial for each victim so please check after the jump.
If you would like, you can use this picture as an icon on facebook, twitter, anywhere for your icon to show Newtown you are thinking of them and not forgetting about the precious lives lost. I had my blog name on it originally, so I went back and whited that out so it was able to be used by anyone for the anniversary.

And now for the pictures of each lost in the order lost that morning after the jump

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Update on the Andrea Sneiderman Case

Andrea Sneiderman is due back in court on Thursday for a hearing regarding obtaining bond during her appeal process. However, just breaking thanks to WSB news in Atlanta, the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Rusty Sneiderman's brother to ensure that the 2 million dollar life insurance would be protected for the kids has been settled. The judge signed a consent order this afternoon releasing the freeze on the 2 million life insurance, in light of a confidential settlement. All terms of the settlement will be kept confidential.