Thursday, July 21, 2016


A caretaker is trying to work with an autistic patient who got away from the treatment facility they were at and got shot for it! He was on the ground with his hands in the air yelling to the police that he was an unarmed guy and what the situation was. He told them the autistic boy had a toy truck in his hand and that was all. He kept repeating all of this while lying on his back arms in the air and trying to also communicate with his patient.

I do have to say, thank god it was just in the leg and he's still alive. When he asked the cop why he shot him the cop said he didn't know why. WTF?  I think all current officers in the USA .need to watch a few of the Cops marathons they have on spike, epic, and a few other channels some every Saturday. They could learn how it was done before all these senseless cop involved shootings.

There was no reason for this shooting and that officer should lose his badge. Here's a link to a full article and video on it. Thoughts?

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