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9 officer involved shootings b/w 7/5/2016 & 7/9/2016

Is this our new America? Is this what my nieces and their kids etc. are looking forward to? I'm outraged at not only the incidents, but by the mere fact not all of them are making main stream media coverage! So I tell you what, I'll report about them all in one post after the jump. I'll give you some sage advice first.

Getting Pulled Over:

  • If you are being pulled over, you have the right to continue to drive to a place you feel safe to stop within reason. Put your hazard lights on so the officer understands this is what you are doing. Everyone in the car remain calm, no sudden movements and hands in clear view at all times.
  • Call 911 & verify this is indeed a true traffic stop. Once verified, if you have a license to carry and a weapon in the vehicle, please relay that to the 911 operator so she can let the officer know before you stop. 
  • Pull over and continue to remain calm with all hands in plain sight. Listen to their directions and let them detain you as its for your safety and theirs until they have the gun secured. If no one resists, the firearm is safe, etc. the traffic stop should go easily telling why you were pulled over etc.
  • If you're driving, and you carry your wallet in a back pocket, pull it out and put it on the center console while you drive. This will alleviate reaching under you and unnecessary scrutiny.
Tape This to Your Steering Wheel:
  • Call 911 to verify, tell where you are planning to stop (put hazard lights on)
  • Tell them there's a gun and you have permit to carry
  • When those blue lights go on, everyone's hands stay in plain sight and everyone stays still.
  • Don't resist detention, as its for your safety as much as theirs.
And now onto the 9 shooting reports after the jump!
Yuma, AZ
Officers kill Melissa Ventura, a 24 year old mother of 3 after responding to a domestic violence call. She had a knife in her hand when answering the door and supposedly started attacking the officers.

Baton Rouge, LA
A homeless man calls 911 which is what brought the police to the convenience store. The homeless man apparently asked Alton Sterling for money and when he became persistent, Alton Sterling supposedly brandished his gun. That's when Alton said, "I told you to leave me alone!" So the homeless guy calls 911. The videos show the rest. Alton Sterling, 37. Here's the link to the Original View- Graphic uncut graphic 2nd video

Bristol, TN
This one was fueled by police violence against African Americans. 4 shot, 1 dead.
  • Jennifer Rooney- newspaper delivery person. Deceased.
  • Officer Matthew Cousins-superficial leg wound
  • Deborah Watts- hotel employee - serious but stable
  • David Whitman Davis- hit by glass
Falcon Heights, MN
Police do a traffic stop for a busted tail light. They are told there is a gun in the car and the driver has a license to carry. The officer tells the occupants to keep their hands up while at the same time asking for the drivers license and registration which are in his wallet in his back pocket. When 32 year old Philandro Castile moves towards his wallet in his back pocket to comply, the officer says, "I told you not to move!" So Philandro attempts to bring his hand back up when the officer shoots him 4 times in front of his girlfriend and 4 year old daughter who was in the back seat. The girlfriend streams the aftermath live on Facebook showing the officer screaming obscenities, shaking, panicking, and repeating, "I told you not to move!"  This as you watch Mr. Castile fading quickly and the girlfriend exclaiming, "he was doing what you asked! Don't tell me you just killed him!" The video went on for close to 10 minutes as some parts are audio after the tossed her phone when they were detaining with girlfriend, etc. The daughters face when she finds the phone gets me every time. You can find the video in full Here.

Dallas, TX
During a vigil for Sterling and Castile, a sniper opened fire on the police officers that were there. He said he was upset about the recent shootings, upset at white people, and wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. He was later killed in a standoff by a robot after negotiations failed. 5 officers were killed and at least 7 injured.

  • Omar Cannon, 44.
  • Misty McBride, 32.
  • Jesus Retan, 39.
  • Sgt. Michael Smith, 55- 27 year veteran to the department.
  • Sr. Cpl. Lorne Ahrens- 14 year veteran to the department.
  • Michael Krols- Worked in Wayne County Sheriffs Office in Michigan prior to this assignment.
  • Brent Thompson- Newlywed of 2 weeks. Joined the department in 2009. Served the Marine Corps from 1991-1994. He leaves behind 6 children, 3 grandchildren, 1 stepson, and a brand new wife.
  • Patrick Zamarripa- father of 2. Vet who served 3 tours in Iraq before becoming a Dallas Police Officer.
Tuscon, AZ
Officer kills mentally ill victim holding knife. (can non lethal force like bean bags be used in a scenario like this first??)
Ballwin, Missouri
An officer had effected a traffic stop and upon going to return to his car, the driver of the car pulled over stepped out of his car and shot the officer with at least 3 shots fired. The driver then continued forward and stood over the officer, who was now on the ground, and shot again before fleeing the scene. Thanks to the dash cam footage the driver was arrested and charged. The officer is a 9 year veteran with this agency and fighting for his life with one wound in his neck.

Valdosta, GA
A man called 911 to report a break in but when officers arrived, he ambushed them. One got a bullet just below his vest  and the suspect got hit. Both are expected to live.

South Houston, TX
A man was killed by police as he stood in the middle of the roadway pointing a gun at them. The victim was Alva Braziel. The police say he was holding a revolver and asked him to put it down. They say after that Braziel pointed the gun into the air then pointed the gun at them. They immediately fired numerous shots at Braziel. He died at the scene.

The moral of this write up? #blacklivesmatter, #bluelivesmatter, #ALLLIVESMATTER
Lets stop the madness!Please. ?We were all created equal and should be treated that way and treat everyone that way.
GOLDEN RULE: Treat others as you would want to be treated.


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