Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Justin Ross Harris- GUILTY all -8- counts!

That is the one and only time you will see me type that mans name out. From now on I will use JRH. The jury took 4 days and 20 hours. They told the prosecutors the decision was almost unanimous to begin with, "the evidence stared at them in the face and they couldn't ignore it." They felt the case was solid, but wanted to do due diligence. The reason for watching the lunch time video? To see which hand he used to open the car! here's the breakdown of the verdict and possible sentences:

Count 1 (malice murder) guilty, life

Count 2 (felony murder) guilty, life

Count 3 (felony murder) guilty, life

Count 4 (cruelty to a child in 1st degree) guilty, life

Count 5 (cruelty to a child in 2nd degree) guilty, life

Count 6 ( criminal attempt) guilty 12 months, $5,000

Count 7 (dissemination of harmful materials 2 minor) guilty 12 months, $5,000

Count 8 (dissemination of harmful materials 2 minor including pix of sex organ) guilty 12 mo, $5,000

His sentencing will take place December 5, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. in Cobb County. You can watch it streamed via wildabouttrial.com, or 11 Alive. I'm putting a statement by Leanna Taylor after the jump because it is long but well worth the read. Finally someone speaks for Cooper. A few words from me too.

Leanna Taylor reacted to the conviction on Facebook:

"For those of you who want to know if I am ok. The answer is no. I have not been "ok" since the moment i was told my son was dead. I have not been "ok" since the moment my life was put on this path that has led to Ross being found guilty of maliciously murdering our child. So now you may be saying "justice has been served". And you are allowed your right to that opinion. But guess what, you can convict every parent that this has happened to, and I can promise you 2 things...#1 it will never bring our children back and #2 it will not prevent this from happening in the future. Next summer, as this begins to happen over and over again, ask yourself, "what can be done?!" The problem is not the parent! The problem is a society that refuses to believe this can happen to them! Wake up! And by accepting it you will be protecting your child! I don't care what your opinion is of me! It does not matter! Your opinion will  never bring back my son. And nothing will ever feel worse than living with the knowledge that his pain and his death could have been prevented. Be the wise parent, and accept that this can happen. And you will never have to walk the path that my family has had to walk. And i pray YOU never have to walk this path."

Well, I learned during this trial that my dad left me in the car thinking my mom had me and vice versa but that was for a mere minutes. He was triggered when he got inside the store and ran back to get me. So, there is a difference. This, btw, became a recurring theme throughout my life. When i was a freshman in high school at all state chorus auditions, we were all going to meet up at waffle house afterwards. Yup. this was just before cell phones. Both parents arrived in separate cars and then called the school. They would head to church at different times too because my dad sang and had to be there extra early. cue Home Alone Kevin moment! I won't even go into the Epcot escapade....

The difference in this case ma'am is what your "husband" was doing that distracted him from "remembering" your son. He was with it enough to remember his briefcase next to him on the seat, his chik fil a, etc. You will NEVER convince me this wasn't an accident. Look at all he was doing instead of working and you sweetie. Open YOUR eyes. Most cases happen because the person is distracted or inhibited in some fashion making them forget until they sober up.

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